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What’s up guys? Brandon Olson Rank Daddy TV. Today we’ve got an episode that I’ve wanted to shoot for a while. Why should you start an SEO agency in 2020. So I’m going to give you all the reasons I know of all the reasons why it’s working. By the end, you should be like, “No brainer. Let me do this.” Right? Let’s go.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us working only part-time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone? How are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say the guarantees are impossible?

That’s the question.

And this podcast will give you the answers. My name’s Brandon Olson and welcome to Rank Daddy.

All right, so why should you start an SEO business in 2020? What is the deal? What is the popularity? Why are so many people rushing to start an agency and digital marketing SEO agency? I’ll just take this off the top. This is kind of an unscripted episode.

So for me, I was always stuck behind. Maybe not so much, always a time clock, but a place, right? Running a retail business stuck at a location, having to go to that location five, six days a week because that’s where work was, right? That’s where the income was made. So for me, I wanted to be able to create an income that I wasn’t stuck to that location, right? Be able to work from anywhere that I wanted.

So I call that spacial freedom, right? You’re not having to go to a specific place for work. A lot of people want time freedom and I wanted that too. But for me, more importantly was I was tired of going to that same place every stinking day. So SEO gives you that obviously spacial freedom. You’re not stuck with working at one particular place. You can take your laptop, you can work from your smartphone, you can work from wherever you have a data connection.

Time freedom. A lot of people want time freedom. You hear about the 10 hour work week. I’ve been able to shave my down to about two hours a week or less in my SEO agency. And that’s run in 30, 40 clients. All of them paying $1,000 a month on average or more. So time freedom is insane when you can get and build a business online that you can work from anywhere, but you can also do it extremely, extremely part-time, ultra part-time in your spare time even. I’ve never worked more than 10 hours a week even starting off, even building it because I didn’t want that. I was more determined to have fewer hours then fast success. Yeah. I could have built this thing a lot faster had I have dove in and gone 40 hours a week building this thing massively quick, but I probably would’ve got stuck in that rut of thinking I’ve got to work 40 hours a week to keep this thing running.

So I wanted to build it completely part-time from the beginning. That’s what I did. It took about six months to get to $10,000 a month. Now with Ranked Daddy, we’re seeing people hit that in 30 days, sometimes 60 days, sometimes longer. Sometimes people don’t even want $10,000 a month and they’re happy with an extra $3,000 and $4,000 working part-time to supplement whatever they got going on. They like their job or they’re not ready to retire, whatever. That’s totally fine because you’re able to do this part-time, you’re able to do it whenever. If you got 30 minutes a day and maybe five days a week, four days, whatever. You can apply whatever time that you have available to start your business and still have it runs perfectly smooth.

Another way that this works or the reason this works is because we’re teaching you how to outsource, literally, everything. So we show you how SEO works, right? Why rankings happen? Why does Google rank a website? There’s one reason it’s because it’s trusted. If Google trusts your site, it’s going to rank you higher than other sites that it trusts less. Simple. That way you’re ahead of the algorithm game. It doesn’t matter what algorithm change comes, penguin, panda, chihuahua dog, whatever decide they decide to make an algorithm about. It doesn’t matter because Google is in it for the end user. Google wants the end user to have the best experience, otherwise they’re not going to use their browser. They’re going to go over to Bing, or they’re going to use Yandex or they’re going to use another search engine. Google wants people to stay on Google so they can capture their attention, capture their money with their other properties. Google wants the end user to have the best experience, so they got to trust your site.

We show you in Rank Daddy incredibly fast, how to get trust to a site and a natural, methodical, step-by-step process. It’s five or six steps you can have trust to a site in 30 to 60 days. That’s why we give them money back guarantee to all of our clients. If they don’t see a massive increase in rank within 30 to 60 days, they get all their money back.

So we teach you to do this not only what Google wants, but now each of those five, six steps, we show you how and where to outsource those to reliable, guaranteed, trustworthy sources so you don’t have to worry. Then once you know all the steps you’re comfortable with, okay, here’s what happens when I get a client, I plug them into this, these steps.

Now you’ve got to know how to land clients. We covered that too. We show you step by step very quickly how to… For example, you can send out Screencast videos. A Screencast video is a little short, two, three minute video. You’ve got the client’s website right there on your computer screen and you’re pointing out two, three little things in a few minutes on things that that customer could change to instantly get more trust to instantly show Google what their site is about. Because if Google doesn’t know what your site’s about, it can’t trust you, it can’t rank you.

So very quickly we show you how to send prospecting videos to teach people. You’re educating people, you’re giving value first on how they can make a couple of little changes to get Google’s trust and some quick ranking improvements. Now is that the end all? No, that’s the only step one of the process. Tweaking some little on-page things.

But now these people, these business owners are seeing you giving them free information and you’ve got a little call to action in your video. If you need help with this, just reply, call me whatever. I like to do it all by email. I can do it all from anywhere by email. I can shoot videos from my iPhone using the screen recorder and bust out several of these things you know?

So we show you that. We’ll show you how the process works, how clients sites get ranked. Then we show you how to land clients and all you do is plug them into the system. So for example, $1,000 a month client is the average across the board. We’ve pulled our members multiple times and $1,000 is the number one answer. Second answer is $750. Third answer is $1,500. Fourth most popular answer is $500 a month. So you can see the range of average billing across new members, old members, whatever.

So for example, say [inaudible 00:07:37] take $1,000 a month. It’ll take you 30 minutes of outsourcing a few of the steps for month one and costs you $500 or less of that $1,000 you collected from the client. You’ve got $500, it took you 30 minutes.

Month two is even better. You’re going to spend $300, $400 of that to do month two’s outsource steps. Take you another 15, 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you’re not just waiting and watching, you’re landing more clients. If you figure this out quickly, when you get in every client you land is about a $1,000 and it takes you 30 minutes to plug them in. How fast can you scale? How many clients can you land and just plug them into your system that Rank Daddy shows you how to do and where to outsource each step. You scale fast.

We have a little deal called white label, rankdaddy.com/whitelabel. If new members come in and they’re land clients and they want us to do all of the work, we’ll do it for half the money. You give us $500, so that $1,000, we do all the work. We assume all the expenses of ranking. We’ll fix the on-page, we’ll do everything it takes to get that client ranked because we want them ranked. You make money, we make money. They keep paying when they see the results after 30 days. Month in, month in, month in, month out, clients keep paying. 80% to 90% retention rate with our clients.

These are all local businesses: dentists, landscapers, roofers, plumbers, estheticians. The list goes on and on. Any kind of local business. Perfect. If they’re not ranked on page one for their number one core competitive keyword like, New Braunfels roofers, New Braunfels roofing. If they’re not on page one, hey, anything to page two and downward is open game. They want to be on page one. They know who those top three roofing companies are. They see their trucks around town. They know how much business they’re doing. They have no idea how to get there. We do.

We can create a scenario where Google comes in, they recognize what their site’s about. They trust their site, the rankings begin to launch. The customers see these ranking reports. You send them at the end of each month before their next billing is due and they’re like, “Yeah, I see it. The calls are coming in.” They don’t want to stop paying. In fact, few months into the campaign, they’re coming to you saying, “Hey, can you rank me in these outlying other areas because we also serve there. We can buy more trucks if we have to.” Whatever. They’re coming to you to ask to pay you more money because it’s working.

On average clients paying us $1,000 a month. It’s because we’re bringing them an extra. Extra added revenue of $10,000 to $30,000 a month or more that they didn’t see before. See, when you’re talking to these prospects, they know how much money they’re doing a month now. They know their business revenue. So when they see that double or triple, man, that you’re the first guy they’re going to pay. This is how our retention stay so high.

So I’m back to white label. Back to the white label. You pay us, we do all the work. You continue to learn the process. You’re quickly going to say by month two three that you can be doing all these outsource steps just like we are. You can keep more of the money because month one we gave you example, $1,000. You’re going to spend about $500, so you’re going to spend about half, maybe $600 if you’re really trying to impress these people, month two it’s going to drop to $300, $400. Month four, it’s going to drop again to $200 to $300 that you’re spending out of that $1,000. So you’re keeping $700, $800. By month six, it’s completely normal for you to keep 80% to 90% of that $1,000 as your profit because the site is now ranked. It’s being held in place by web properties that you own that we show you how to acquire. You’re building this network of sites that are keeping your client sites ranked. You’re now in control.

A lot of people ask, what do we do? If we get a client to the top, it’s been six, eight months. They’re ranked in the top, number one for many keywords. What keeps them there? Why should they keep paying you? You got them number one ranked. There’s a few scenarios. This has come up rarely, rarely. I mean over the total of 60, 80 whatever clients we’ve dealt with in our personal agency, maybe twice.

A guy decides to stop paying or asked, “Hey, why do I kind of keep paying this $1,000 a month, $2,000 a month if I’m already at the top? You already got me there.” So we remind them that the monthly fees that you’re paying goes to offset the fees that are incurred on our end for keeping your site ranked. Remembe we are linking to your site from these properties that we own. These are expensive sites. They take aintenance, we have to put money into them. So we don’t tell them the figures or how much work, how much maintenance, but in their head they begin to remember that they’re ranked number one because of the web properties that you own that are linking back to them. Control. That’s you’re in control.

So if they decided to stop paying and you’ve tried everything, maybe dropping their rate for a little while if they’re uncomfortable, whatever. This is completely rare. The guy who decided, yeah, I’m just going to cancel and take my chances. Fine, he stops paying. You remove all those links. Now you can use those sites for another client. You haven’t lost your money, but his site rankings, bye bye. The trust is gone.

Suddenly Google sees all these websites that were linking to them that are trusted websites, passing trust to him and now they’re gone. Why would Google keep that site ranked? They don’t. The rankings fall. So you’re in control. You don’t want to use that as leverage unless it’s completely less case scenario. It’s just doesn’t seem ethical. But I always tell them by month three, I’ll send him a little video or our emails and emind them how we’re doing, what we’re doing. How we’re accomplishing the massive ranking gains and how we’re holding their ranking to the top. It’s because we own a network of sites that are incredibly trusted by Google. They have high trust, and because we’re linking from these sites to you, we’re not linking to anybody else, only you. They’re dedicated to you. Google sees that trust and they reward yoursite because you’re trusted. Your sites trusted. They know what it’s about. And you have more trust than any other site in your industry, in your location. So they keep you there.

You got to put that little seed in their brain so that if that ever comes up, you can instead of threaten them,”All right, you want to quit? I’ll just remove all my links.” That’s ugly. You can bring it back to their attention. You can remind them. That’s the ethical thing to do. And because it’s true. You want control and in the beginning you can tell them, “Look, most SEO agencies, they’re outgoing link swapping. They’re going to try and get you a link over here, but you’re going to have to give that guy that link.” That’s like awash. You put a link to your site, to somebody else, your trust is passing to them. Why would you want that? You want all the links coming to you.

So ordinary SEO and we see this month in, month out, year in year out. Every client we get that says,”Hey man, I’ve been paying SEO for a couple of years and nothing’s happening.” We look at their site. First, normally, they’re on-page isn’t done. Google has no idea what their site’s about. Simple fix. Second thing, they’ve been getting all these back links and links that they’ve got to trade for link swapping. You ive me a link point to my side, I’ll point to yours. None of that helps, right? That’s just passing juice around. Or links from spammy type of sites or link farms or footers of sites.

This is the concept of mindset of old SEO thinking. All this stuff you used to work. Google is way smarter than that. Google will trust your site if they have proof of one, they know what your site’s about. It’s clear. Two, there’s other sites that have authority and trust with Google linking to them pushing that trust. That’s what Google wants. That’s what they get rewarded for.

So you want to make sure that your customer knows that you’re not doing these things that every other SEO player on the market is doing. We’re not going out to trade links with people. We are getting links from sites that we own. These things we control. So we get to control your ranking. You go out and get links from other websites. Now you’ve got to go monitor all those things because if they ever get pulled down, now you’ve got to replace it with something. Or if that website, this guy decides not to renew his domain, you’ve lost that link. Why not have everything create a scenario where you’re in control of all of your links or the most powerful ones, right?

So part of the part of the campaign we’re getting links from or creating links from sites with very little power, maybe no power. Some do follow links, some no follow links, but it’s a variety, right? Google wants to see link diversity. They don’t want to see every link coming to your site be a 100% trusted site home run. That looks totally unnatural. So we kind of mix in these sites that we own and control and we show you how to own and control and obtain. Mix those few links in with links that are built daily. That’s one of the steps that we show you how and where to outsource.

You’re going to have a team that is building links for you and building sites for you that you own and control on a daily basis. So Google will see link consistency, right? So that’s how we get people to keep paying month in, month out.

Why start an SEO agency in 2020? It’s that you’re not using your own money, you’re using none of your own money. What business is there that you can go in and make $1,000 a month a pop on each client on average? You’re not using your money. You’re not using your money to advertise, to market, to prospect, to do the work, the fulfillment. You’re using the client money to do the work after they’ve paid you. That’s hands down. This is one of the biggest reasons that people get into it because they’re looking for a way to create an income online and they don’t have any money to go out and get a college degree or even a technical degree or the time delay into that or buy a $5,000 training course online. You start with no money. So huge reason.

Let’s recap a little. Spatial freedom, time freedom, you do it from wherever, you can do it part-time, spare time. You don’t have to use your own money to start the business and you can scale this thing. I’ll show you here in a minute, some examples of members doing this in our group day in day…

Let’s look now. Here. Let’s move over to our computer. I’m going to show you some success stories of people doing this day in, day out. It’s going to blow you away. $1,000 a month, multiple times over $2,000 clients, $3000… How fast can you scale? Check this out.

All right guys, this is a webpage you can go to. It’s rankdaddy.com/success. So this is kind of like you’re peeking into our private Facebook coaching group. We’re grabbing some of the success posts we see members put in and we grab them and put them here just for case studies.

Here’s a guy. This client was nowhere to be found on Google. This is after his on-page SEO. He started to share it showing up two days later. This is their rank for the keyword. Obviously, he’s hitting the keyword. Number one rankings. Number two rankings. Number three rankings. After days. These are all on page one.

Becca, she started just about two months ago, I believe. And she is killing it. She’s closed two clients today. “Seven meetings set up for next week. Picking a check on Monday” and on and on and on.

Here’s Will again, posting about rankings that are crazy killing it. Becca again, “Signed up five clients to last night.” Here’s another new member. Restaurant onboarding, $750 a month for three months and then goes to $1,500 a month. This goes on and on. These are just regular people posting in our group.

Here’s Tamara picking up a check for $7,000 and she’s pretty new too. So you can go to this and just check them out yourself rankdaddy.com/success.

Robert landed another $24,000. He’s probably our highest earner. He’s only been in for about nine months and he’s near $100,000 per month. I’m going to show you a cool shot here in a minute of what he recently posted. Anyway, you come all the way down to the end of this. You click more members’ successes and it pops up in a cloud folder that I just throw them in.

These are some new ones, so we saw this one about his client. This one is a Becca. Again, close to client for $3,400 from the airport parking lot. “Sent the invoice from the cafe and got the deposit before she gets on the plane.” Regular people, dude.

Seth Brown. Rank Daddy success. “Just landed a $30,000 contract, which is $2,500 a month for 12 months.” He’s on top of the world. I can imagine.

Who is this? Ben Ryan. He’s killing it. He’s only been in for a few months. Rank Daddy success. “Three months ago signed two clients in Perth. One in roofing, one guitar teacher. Both were on page eight now they’re both on page one.” So when do these people stop paying, right? You take them from page eight to page one. And then the top of page one and they’re tripling the revenue. You’re the first guy they’re going to pay. You’re going to keep paying you month after month.

Here’s Israel landed a $1,200 a month client and these are just in the last week.

This looks like maybe an older one. Oh, here’s Ed posting a couple of checks. $2,500.

This is a $500 deal from a Phung. This is Ed’s. Ed’s been a regular. He’s been in since the beginning. This is a site that he built is a leadgen. Just killing it, just killing it.

Here is Ben again. Another Perth Brake Industry client, $2,800 a month plus a website redesign. And don’t get stressed out about this redesign stuff. You see things like that. These people are not doing the work. We show you inside who to outsource the website redesigns for. I mean you might charge $3,500 like him, but you’re only paying about $500, maybe a $1,000 on that kind of a site to get it done. So you’re pocketing the rest. Cray, crazy profits these guys are seeing.

Becca, again. 40 degrees, closed more and she’s just got three more coming this week. Eight more in the pipeline. And look at this. “I’ll be closing on my dream house Friday. Share your wins with me.” She’s new. Crazy.

Here’s Peter. He’s been in for about six months. “Dream versus reality.” So this guy decided to go spend six months in Thailand on the beach to see if this digital nomad lifestyle would work for him. The hardest part is, well the distractions, because this is the view from your office, right?

So you can readily literally run this business from anywhere guys. These things just go on and on. This guy’s been in the group since April. This guy’s biggest win today with a $5,000 a month deal. Okay? This is totally realistic for you. I like his phrase here. “2020 is about to be a massive year.” Make 2020 a massive year for you. Go to rankdaddy.com, we’ve got an insane deal to join.

Let us help you. Take you by the hand step-by-step to start an SEO agency that you can start from your laptop in your spare time. That will quickly replace whatever day job situation you got going on or just add some extra money to the table. Whatever level you want to take it to, do it.

Here’s Robert. “I never thought I’d be on stage in front of millions of dollars. The Rank Daddy process processes helped me to become the expert. This is me giving a lecture to hundreds of doctors at the largest medical assembly in the Southeast.” He has been in for about nine months and he’s killing it. He’s about to hit $100,000 a month in recurring revenue. Okay? That’s a case study. That’s a case study and this just goes on and on.

So come on guys, go to rankdaddy.com. Go to the homepage, hop in and let me add you to this Facebook group and we’ll help you be successful until next time.

Hey, catch us on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, all the other platforms that you just search Rank Daddy podcast. If you’re looking for a podcast platform to hear us on.

Give me your feedback on this video if you’re catching it on video on YouTube. Let me know what you think. If you have questions, go to brandonolson.com. It’s like my digital business card. Every way that to contact me is there. brandonolsen.com. You can see my agency rep video and all the other stuff that I’ve got going on at anytime. That’s always updated. Have a good one guys. Until next time. Have an insane day.

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