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Available only to RankDaddy members, we can help make you more money, by freeing up your time to do whatever you like. For some, it means landing more clients!   Again – Our Whitelabel Program is available to only RankDaddy members.


Our White Label Service doesn’t have to be permanent! You can let us start your SEO campaign, and get things off to an insane start, getting massive ranking results for your clients. All while you learn the RankDaddy process that we use to get these awesome results. Then, when you’re ready, we transition everything over, and you take it from there. So, the choice is yours, let us handle it for as long as you like. We work month to month, we just ask for 2 weeks notice, when you’d like to stop a campaign.

Here’s how it works:

For a portion of what your client pays you, we will do all the SEO. 

You land the client, you do the billing, we do all the work, you take all the credit. 

So you can focus on getting more clients and building your SEO agency. You get paid month after month, for landing the deal. We have partners who earn $1000’s per month just for landing client SEO deals. Talk about Passive Income!

We assume ALL expenses of ranking. We pay for all Press Releases, Citation Audits and Cleanup, Social Signals, Daily Link Building, Content, On Page SEO, and more. 

We can pretty much rank websites on demand. We have a network of over 1000 websites, which already have massive trust and authority with Google. All of them, ready to link to your client. We get results fast.  

We do the work, you take all the credit. We NEVER contact your client. You charge your client whatever you want, and we split it 50/50. You bill the client, you pay us. All reports that we generate are unbranded, so they don’t know that we are doing the work.

You should charge at least $1000/mo because we don’t take any SEO deal for less than $500/mo. The average billing for our students paying clients is $2000 per month per client.  Many SEO companies undersell, and don’t charge what SEO is worth. But those are the same SEO companies that we take business from every day. They don’t know what they are doing. Things as simple as On Page SEO are usually NEVER done properly. So, there’s no wonder they cant get results, and this is why they feel that they need to charge $300 per month for their services.  

To get an idea of what to price a client:

We normally base Pricing on the Population of the city served:

These are absolute minimums, you should charge more than this normally.

$1000 / mo – populations of up to 200k population

$2000 / mo – populations of up to 500k

$3000 -$5000/mo – populations of up to 8million (NYC)

The larger cities and tougher niches are case by case.

If you need help with pricing, just send us your URL and main 2 keyword (city plus niche)

We offer a money back guarantee to all clients!

Your client will see dramatic rank increases within 60 days or we give all the money back.

We don’t take on every deal, it has to be the right fit, but, if you’d like to partner with us, contact Brandon by Facebook messenger by clicking on the button below.

We need as much of this info as possible when we start working. 


1. We review the details & ask for anything missing or that needs clarification
2. We send you an invoice
3. Once Paid, we start ASAP
4. You’ll get access to a Google Drive Folder where we will place a Baseline Ranking Report and Client Doc
      as we run thru the SEO Campaign, we will add items to the folder. On Page Report, Press Release, Citations Reports etc as they are completed.
5. You choose what to show your Client

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