What to Say During Client Landing?

When it comes to SEO, trust is everything. You can’t succeed in this digital game without gaining the trust of Google and other search engines. And the same applies to your clients when you’re running an SEO campaign for them – you need to be transparent and fair. That’s the key to building trust and delivering results that everyone can be proud of.

Be Clear to your prospective:

Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. First and foremost, you need to be crystal clear about what you can and can’t deliver. Don’t make any grandiose promises that you can’t keep. Research your client’s industry and competition thoroughly, and be upfront about the challenges they may face in achieving their goals.

Secondly, make sure your client understands exactly what you are doing and why. Take the time to walk them through every step of your SEO strategy, from keyword research to link building to content creation. Explain how each component contributes to their overall success, and provide regular updates on progress.

Thirdly, always be ethical and fair in your SEO practices. Don’t engage in black hat techniques or take shortcuts that could damage your client’s reputation or website ranking. Keep your focus on delivering high-quality, valuable content that will earn backlinks and drive organic traffic to the site.

Finally, be prepared to educate your client on the nuances of SEO and how it works. Many of them will not be experts in this field, so it’s your job to help them understand the technical jargon and complex algorithms involved. The more they understand about SEO, the better equipped they will be to make informed decisions about their digital strategy.

Know The Client’s Objectives

Hence, to properly engage with the client when sending an email , It would be better to read his website beforehand and when you mention that thing concerning lackness in your email or the video which you attached. this will surely catch his eye and the likelihood of leading to a successful deal increases.

One option to obtain information regarding what a client wants is by reading their website and finding out about the business. This can provide insights into their sector, competitors and clients. Secondly, listening carefully during first client meetings, asking the necessary questions and obtaining receipts will help to create a more complete picture of what the objectives are.

Client goals are also essential in planning an effective SEO campaign. By getting to know their business goals, you can develop a campaign that is in line with their objectives and meeting the needs of people they want as customers. This allows you to develop content that is valuable and able to reach your own customer base while still finding the right balance for search engine optimization.

For instance, if the client’s goal is to raise brand awareness, sharing content and optimizing for certain keywords concerning their brand or industry can help them improve rankings in search results. On The opposite side of this, if the client wants to boost her conversions then it is beneficial to identify and target specific keywords that are associated with his products or services which can result in improved rankings as well as higher conversion rates.

Explain The SEO Process to the client

When you successfully grab the attention of the client you can explain to him the seo process.

 The SEO process can be broken down into five stages. These stages are: 

  1. Keywords: New keywords must be set perfectly matching business’s target and industry niche; this will make the visible change on his website ranking. First of all give him some insights, then modify keywords according to demand.
  2. On-Page Optimization: This stage involves the enhancement of specific web pages in order to ensure that they have higher rankings and more traffic online. This phase involves improving page content, images and metadata…… Tell him how you can assist in that.
  3. Technical SEO: This stage involves addressing website architecture, mobile optimization, page speed, site security, and other technical issues that affect search engine rankings.its where you can address his little faults that you noticed during the reading of his website. 
  1. Link Building: The fourth stage of SEO is link building; you need to make a business acquire links for the web from credible and reliable sites so that it can become more authoritative and have high domain authority. Tell him how his site could be increased in terms of its authorities through some press releases as well as linking.
  2. Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting: For the performance of SEO campaign The final stage is to review, evaluate and monitor the progress report .gain his trust by presenting it.

The importance of transparency in SEO campaigns:

Transparency is one of the key aspects in SEO campaigns. Clients must be aware of the strategies being integrated, target dates and end results. A respectable SEO agency delivers timely reports outlining critical statistics like the website traffic, keyword rankings and backlinks. This allows for clients to identify the success of a campaign and make needed changes in order to achieve maximum performance.

Using client-friendly language to explain technical SEO terms:

One of the major challenges in SEO is simplifying technical terms related to SEO for clients. An experienced SEO agency should be good in the following communication skills and is able to speak tactics into language that is easy for any client who has very little background knowledge about interpreting such terms. This avoids any confusion that can influence the client’s decision-making regarding SEO.

Addressing the client’s concerns around the process, including duration:

Clients are always concerned about the duration of an SEO campaign and what results they will get. Results of SEO are not immediate – it’s an ongoing process.SEO is a dynamic process, and results may take time to manifest. However, the time-frame to attain results varies depending on a host of factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, the state of the website’s current organic rankings, and how much work needs to be done on the technical side. Despite this, it’s the responsibility of the SEO agency to provide realistic expectations and keep clients informed on the progress of the campaign.

So in conclusion, just be fair and gain your client’s trust before proceeding to taking further steps. As the process does not stop here, keep tuned with us for further steps.

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