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Hey, guys, Brandon Olson here. Today on Rank Daddy TV, I’m going to share a secret for building your business fast and having a consistent flow of new customers. Multi-million dollar businesses use this technique for record setting growth and now you can use it in your business, too. Let’s go.

Here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working only part-time and running our entire business from our laptop or smart phone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say the guarantees are impossible? That’s the question and this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Brandon Olson and welcome to Rank Daddy.

Okay, guys. Today I’m going to tell you about this secret. It’s not really a secret, but sometimes people forget that growing a business fast is all about building relationships, building a team. You can go prospect and find one customer at a time but wouldn’t it be easier if the customers came to you, based off relationships that you had already built? Now let’s break this down and apply it to our own digital marketing businesses.

Think about this for a minute. Who are our prospects? Who does our business serve, primarily? Primarily, it’s the small business owner, right? Where can we find our prospects already gathering? Aren’t there businesses and service providers that our ideal clients and prospects already use? If we were to sit down and think about who it is that are already serving the businesses that we want as customers, who would those be? Who are these service providers?

It’s the B2B market, right, business to business. If we were to create a partnership with those B2B providers, the ones who already serving the businesses that are our ideal prospects, it would be like we’re going after our entire prospecting list at once. Now follow along here. Some of you might be seeing where I’m going with this, others maybe not, but it’s about to get crystal clear.

We conducted a poll recently in the Rank Daddy Academy Facebook Group, just to brainstorm and see what kind of businesses primarily serve businesses. Why? Because those businesses and service providers already have our prospects as customers. We just create a relationship with them and not only do we get access to all their customers, all of our prospects, we also get an endorsement, a referral from that B2B provider. You getting this?

What type of B2B do we go after and how do we get them to share or even promote our digital marketing service to their customers? First off, there’s going to be business to business service providers that probably are not ideal to approach with this. You’ve got waste management companies or cell phone providers that wouldn’t do us any good to create a relationship with them because they don’t have any interest in building our business and there’s no way for us to help them propel their business. If you search waste management provider, there’s probably only one in your area. If there is only one, they’re already ranked at the top of Google. We can’t help them. They’re in their niche.

We’re looking for smaller, localized B2B providers and there’s a lot of these out there that serve a local market. When I say smaller, I’m not talking about mom and pop. I’m talking about maybe not Office Depot but instead, the local printing company in your market that creates business cards and invoice forms, letterheads and stuff like that that local businesses need to operate their business.

In addition to this local printer, what this poll showed us … We weeded through them and just a few of them we see: accountants and CPAs, employment service companies like a temp service, web design companies, computer repair companies, networking, IT, bond issuance companies, commercial lawn care. It goes on and on and these B2B providers exist in nearly every city in America. Think there’s a shortage of customers? No, never.

Here’s what you’ve got to do. First, you make a list. Figure out which of these B2B providers you want to approach first and then you’re going to spoil them. You’re going to buy them lunch. You’re going to send them gifts. Get creative. This is worth it. It’s going to cost you time and money but the rewards are insane. Remember, some of the biggest companies and fastest-growing companies in America use this.

You’re going to give away your SEO service and digital marketing service for free to that B2B. When you see the ranking get to the top, and it’s probably going to happen before that, they’re going to ask you, “You’re doing all this. What can we do for you?” Here’s what you’re going to tell them. Use Jim. “Jim, when you ask your customer, “Hey, how did you find me” and they say, “Oh, on the internet or Google,” which is 90% of the time, right? “Tell them why you’re so visible online and how much more business that you have because of it. Your business is exploding. Then give them this website. I created this just for you so we can track which customers come from you. We’re going to give you $500 for every customer that comes through your special link.” That’s it.

This method is called the Dream 100. It’s also a book by Dana Derricks. Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, wrote the forward in this book. He built his entire nearly $400 million over the last three years business, solely using this method. It’s the absolute fastest way to grow your business at an insane pace. Does it cost money to implement? Sure, but the rewards are insane. You might spend a thousand bucks, on the high end, probably, giving away your SEO services, ranking their website, buying them lunch, doing whatever, making these people … Spoiling them. You literally spoil them, because they want to go and just turn over their customer list to you, basically. Once they start seeing those $500, or whatever you come up with, they’re going to go out of their way now to be sharing their customers with you.

Now imagine, once you have a handful of these B2B providers, they’re all sending their customers to that special link you made them and by the URL, customize it with their name or whatever, get creative, a nonstop flow of new customers. That’s today’s tip, guys. I hope you like it. If you want more information on that book, it will be in the description. If you’re not seeing this on our YouTube channel, just click through the video and get to our YouTube channel, Rank Daddy TV, and there will be a link and the description. Have a good day! We’ll see you next time.

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