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Hey guys, Brandon Olson here. I want to welcome you to the very first episode of RankDaddy TV. Let’s go. Here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working only part time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone? How are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing news say that guarantees are impossible?

That’s the question.

This podcast will give you the answers. My name is Brandon Olson and welcome to RankDaddy.

All right. What I want to talk about today on this very first episode of RankDaddy TV is possibilities and impossibilities in your business. Russell Brunson talks a lot about the story about the four minute mile, on the first time it was ever broken. In 1954, Roger Bannister became the very first person to break that four minute barrier and run a sub four minute mile. Before that, think about this now, for the decades, centuries earlier, nobody had ever run that fast. Nobody ever ran a four minute mile. Now, that wasn’t a possibility to runners back then. Maybe it seemed inhuman. Maybe nobody thought that anyone could possibly run that fast, but everything changed when he did it.

He runs a four minute mile. Now runners everywhere are thinking this guy is a runner, professional runner, I’m a professional runner. Why can’t I do it? Now it’s in the minds of these people, and now it’s a reality that is totally possible. Here’s what happened. 46 days later, John Landy did it again. He beats the first record. He runs another sub four minute mile, 46 days, it had been centuries before that, never been done. Now, today, thousands of runners have a four minute mile. It’s a total reality. Yes, it’s a difficult thing to attain. You’ve got to train but it’s totally reachable, right?

Let’s apply this to our business. Are there things in your business that maybe you seem to think are impossible for you to do? Maybe you don’t think they’re impossible, period, but you may be wondering, looking at other people reaching the same goals you are and you’re wondering how is this possible? How are you being able to do it, but I can’t? Maybe, say you want to reach a $10,000 a month residual income in your digital marketing business, and you just can’t seem to get there, you struggle, you fight, you have a hard time landing clients, you’ll land clients and then a couple you will lose, you can’t get to that $10,000 a month period, that mark.

Anthony Robbins put it great. He said the fastest way, the absolute fastest way to success is to simply model someone who’s already achieved success in the area that you’re after. If you’re in the digital marketing space, SEO space, you have an agency and you want to reach that, all you have to do is find someone else in your industry that is doing that. Same thing for any niche. It doesn’t matter what industry or what business you’re in, if you want to reach a certain level, find somebody who’s already mastered that level of success and model them.

This is what RankDaddy does. RankDaddy is set up in a way, it’s kind of like a roadmap. You might not know how to drive if I were to tell you to hey, meet me in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you might not know the way but you can certainly open a Google Map or your Siri or your smartphone and navigation, plug it in and listen to the turn by turn directions you need to get there. RankDaddy is literally a step by step process of people who have broken this mold. We’ve already achieved multiple five figure a month recurring income for SEO businesses. We’ve done it. Our students have done it. It’s a simple model to follow. We teach you not only how to land the clients, but also how to take that client’s website, apply a few simple steps, and by simple I mean, if you don’t want to do it, we have a simple spot to outsource each of these steps and you watch that client’s ranking soar and the client never wants to stop paying you because of the results that they’re getting from the efforts that you’ve put forth.

You outsource everything, so you’ve freed up your time to do whatever you want. Maybe you want to scale your business, maybe all you want to do is continue to go out and land clients, plug them into the system so that your income scales $10,000, $20,000 $30,000 a month is totally, totally realistic because it’s been done already. We’ve proven it, the model works. It doesn’t matter what industry or what business you’re in. If you want to be successful, there’s no impossibilities. Find somebody who’s already made it possible in their lives and made it possible in their business and just model them.

That’s all I got for today, guys. This is the first episode of RankDaddy TV, the podcast, the video podcast. Hope you like it. We’re going to keep shooting out more. Have an insane day. I’ll see you next time.

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