RankDaddy Elite Cost

A very common question we get all the time via Facebook Messenger, support email, and Facebook Groups is: How much does Rank Daddy Elite cost?

Despite being a very simple question, the answer is not so straightforward. Here’s why:

The Tale of Cheap SEO Training

It’s no secret that with the amount of information available on the internet, and mastering the right skills and knowledge is key to succeed in the online business world. That’s why many people like yourself are looking for SEO training programs that are proven to be successful. And with so many options available the question then becomes: “how do I choose the right one for me?”

With so many options available, many people tend to gravitate towards low cost training programs mistakenly thinking they are also low risk. Beware: this is a big pitfall. Let me explain why.

Unfortunately, several unscrupulous gurus and self-designated experts prey on people looking for affordable SEO training. They make false promises and claims of high-quality, low cost training to lure people into joining their program. People who bite the bait usually spend a lot of their own time (and that’s why this is not low risk, but rather a waste of time) and often end up paying way more than they expected (see next topic) only to achieve no results.

Below I am going to explore some of the deceptive tactics and explain RankDaddy Elite cost (and why we don’t make it public). I’ll also discuss our financing options and the financial success opportunity through our program.

How to Not Be Deceived by False Gurus

False gurus and self-designated experts are everywhere. They have tried everything they can to be successful, but all they’ve got is theory. They were never able to implement and scale an SEO Agency, so they decided to start selling training programs hoping other people will achieve the success they have never experienced. But in such a saturated market (fake gurus lol), how can they actually make any money? I have listed below the three things you should watch out for!

  • Avoid impossibly low priced programs. The top promise is usually to sell everything you need to know about SEO at a fraction of competitors price. If we stop for a second and think about it, anyone who has created a trusted and proven method that can be replicated will have some sort of backend support to ensure students are going to be successful as well. That’s why it’s impossible to join serious programs at a super low cost.
  • All costs and fees should be explained upfront. Those who cannot differentiate themselves through their program (aka they will deliver the same slow results as everyone else) will eventually try to get you in at a low cost. After you are in, they will start adding costs by offering you additional resources that should actually be part of the program. That includes charging for material, additional training modules, access to their own proprietary software, 1:1 support calls, licenses, marketing fund, monthly subscription fees, and exam fees to mention a few. Their creativity is limitless! By the time you are done with their program you will have spent a lot more than you anticipated.
  • Outdated, copy-and-paste training programs. More often than not these programs are just a compilation of information you can find for free at Google and packed in a way they claim to be a legit course. These people probably have never ran a profitable agency before and either have very few (and lucky) successful students or just made up success posts.

The result is obvious: people waste time, money, and end up disillusioned and disappointed. Don’t let that be you!

RankDaddy Elite Cost

So, how much does RankDaddy Elite Cost? The answer is: we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to it. The reasons are:

  • People only move forward if they have tried the free program. That is correct. We have a free program that is enough for people to get quick wins and find customers. Before we even have a conversation we ask everyone to watch our 45-min training video to make sure they understand our program. If they don’t think it’s for them, at least they got very good value for free.
  • We only accept people who are suitable for us. The next step for anyone who wants to join RankDaddy Elite is to have a call with our RankDaddy Specialists. They are highly trained to assess whether prospects will have what it takes to succeed. This is key for us because unsuccessful students have proven to cost more than what they pay for the program, and that’s a lose-lose situation. We don’t want that for you or for us.
  • Each person has a unique strategy to succeed. During the assessment call, the RankDaddy Specialist maps the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective student. Everyone is unique. After that, the person is connected to our Strategy Consultant, who will create a plan for that person to be successful. Only people who are a good fit and that have a clear strategy to succeed are admitted to the program.


Only after agreeing on a strategy can we assess exactly what resources the RankDaddy Elite team will have to commit to ensure that student is successful. Anything else is just straightforward wrong.

What If You Don’t Have The Money Available?

One thing most people (if not everyone) can agree on is that education is an investment and we are committed to make it accessible to everyone. That’s why we have partnered with several financial institutions that offer financing options to qualified individuals with credit scores of 550 and above. In order to get that we had to provide those financial institutions proof that our program works and that our students are successful. We went that extra mile to make sure that virtually anyone who is a good fit can have access to one of the most powerful and profitable SEO Agency training programs in the market. That’s why we charge a one-time fee for lifetime access and nothing else. We know you are going to be successful if you follow the RankDaddy Elite blueprint.

The Bottom Line

We developed the RankDaddy Elite program to help people achieve their financial goals. That will require hard work: watching the full training, attending to the tutoring and training calls, executing the process as it was designed, step by step, meeting our experts 1:1 to make sure you don’t get stuck, and committing financially to the program.

Any information that you find online about RankDaddy Elite cost is false and probably a poor attempt of competitors who can’t differentiate themselves to lure you into their own program. Little do they know that now you are equipped to not fall into their trap.

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