The first step in any SEO campaign is On Page SEO. There are a couple things that Google sees as important, when determining what your site will rank for. Don’t leave this to chance, If your On Page SEO is done incorrectly, or not at all, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic, and customers.

It won’t matter if you build 1000 backlinks. Its like you’ll be yelling “Hey Google, if someone searches for xyz, send em to my site” But when Google looks at your site, and xyz isn’t there, in the on page signals, they wont send the traffic, because it does not match. This is exactly what keeps people for ranking their competitor sites for terms like “Austin Roofing Scam Artist”, in an attempt to make him look bad. The competitor won’t have “scam artist” in his on page seo signals…

On Page SEO, literally tells google what you want to rank for. Watch these videos to see how to do this properly.

On Page SEO - Overview

WordPress On Page SEO

Weebly On Page SEO

On Page SEO - Outsource It!

This entire course is designed in a way, to not only show you what needs to be done in your SEO campaign, but also to show you how and where to outsource it, for CHEAP, so you don’t have to do it. We’ve found that many people absolutely hate certain parts of Digital Marketing. So we will provide outlets for each step, so you can focus on what you enjoy doing.

Thats it, simple, short video lessons. You'll be ranking in no time!

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