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Hey guys, Brandon Olson here, Rank Daddy TV. Got another episode. We’re gonna talk today about your time, how to make your time more valuable than your money, how you do that. And talk to you about the little phrase called money isn’t real, because it isn’t. I’m gonna tell you what it is. So, let’s get started.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us working only part time and running our entire business from our laptop or smart phone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say that guarantees are impossible? That’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name’s Brandon Olson, and welcome to Rank Daddy.

So, I’ve been thinking about something. It’s a phrase that Robert Kiyosaki uses in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It took me awhile to really figure out what it meant. He would say, “Money isn’t real. It’s what we agree it is.” So once you get this concept down, you begin to realize that you want to focus on a position that your time is worth way more than your money. Have your time be more valuable than your money. Try to get a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg. It’s not gonna happen. His time is only limited to his inner, inner circle of friends and influencers. He’s worth billions. The only way to make your time more valuable than your money is to make more money.

When it comes to money, you have to realize that money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is. Here, I’ll give you an example. Say you’re at an auction. This auction item sells for 150 bucks. That’s the end. The guy wins it for 150 bucks. Now, flash back to the beginning of that auction. He has said in his mind that he agrees that that item is worth 150 bucks. The other bidders in the room, some think it’s worth 100 bucks. Others feel, they agree that it’s worth 125. So, the auction starts. $25, $50, 75. There’s auction cards up, up, up. As we start approaching what is going to be the winning bid, that $150, cards stop dropping and there’s less and less people who agree that it’s worth that amount of money. It’s the same item. Why does one person agree that that thing’s worth $150 and another agrees that it’s only worth 125 and then they back out because it’s surpassed that bidding level? Because money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is.

Money is intangible. You could say to somebody, “I’ve got 10 bitcoin.” Great, what’s a bitcoin? Well, right now bitcoin’s a little over $5000. Okay, so that gives them an idea, but say you’ve got a friend from India. He’s come into America and he finds $10 on the ground. You’re like, “Hey, you just found $10.” He’s like, “What’s $10?” “I don’t know, it’s like three gallons of gas.” Make it tangible. The money isn’t real, but right now if you’re driving a car, you agree to pay three bucks a gallon for gas, or whatever you’re paying in your area. Money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is. It’s an exchange mechanism. It’s what we agree that that X number of dollars is worth. So, if you’re gonna drive, like it or not, if you’re choosing to drive, you agree that a dollar, or a gallon of gas is worth three bucks, or whatever it is where you live in the country.

I just bought a few acres in Texas and paid $100000. I agreed that that was worth $100000, even though it was about $30000 over the fair market value. See, because I had already been renting that same acreage for seven years and building things on it, and approving it, and things like that. To me, it was worth $100000 because I would have had to spend my time pulling all that stuff off had he not sold it to me. So, while some people would only agree that that property was worth 70000, 80000, whatever, I’d have gone 120. He took 100. Money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is.

So, you have to get to a point where your time is worth more than your money. The only way to do that is to make more money. People have in their mind, just because of the society we live in, and people are programmed to grow up and get a great job. They look at these hourly pays. I remember thinking, “Man, I’ve got an electrician friend.” This was 10 years ago or whatever. Making 18 bucks an hour. I couldn’t find a job for 18 bucks an hour. I quit college after one year. Another example, we know a guy who retired as a captain of a boat. I don’t know if it was a tug boat or whatever, but I remember talking to him at dinner one day. He retired, he was making $650 a day. You might be thinking, “I’d work for $650 a day.” But that’s only, if you do the math, about $150000 a year, and he’s working for that $650 a day, 10, 12 hours a day, five days a week. Sometimes it might be more, I don’t know.

You’ve got to get to the point where you realize that an hourly rate is not what you need to be going for. I mean, if you’re gonna do the math on that, look at Rank Daddy. On average, $1000 a month is the deal. So, you take only 500 of that, worst case scenario, outsourcing everything. How long does it take you to outsource everything? Less than 30 minutes. Okay, so now you’re at $1000 an hour. It took you half an hour to make 500 bucks. Get to a point where you realize, and you have this concept down that money isn’t real, it’s just what we agree it is. It’s literally what we agree it is.

I do not agree to trade 10 hours of my time each day for $650. Not when I know that the methods in Rank Daddy teaches you to easily go out, and yes it’s gonna take you a little bit of time in the beginning to learn, but what’s the ROI on your learning? What if you have to immerse yourself for weeks to land one client, but then suddenly you’ve given yourself a $12000 a year raise with that one client? And now you’ve got that under your belt and now you’re able to, like some of the guys from the group landing two, three, four, five deals within the first 60, 90 days. Now you’re no longer, I guarantee you, want to go back to even thinking about the concept of working for an hour, even if it’s 100 bucks an hour, 200 bucks an hour, $650 an hour. Yeah, it’s great.

It sounds good when you’re in a spot or you haven’t realized what is actually possible when you sit down and really get into what we teach in Rank Daddy, and that is just total time and financial freedom, as well as spatial freedom. You’re no longer locked down to a place or an office or a job or answering to a time clock, or things like that. Dwell on that. Figure out, money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is, and to make your time more valuable than your money. In order to do that, you have to make more money. Somebody who isn’t making much money would rather spend more time on something to prevent having to spend some of what little money they may have. You know, people are on a budget or whatever.

I don’t know, example, you may mow your own grass. You may paint your own house. You might wash your own car. All these are little things, but you’re doing it because you have more time than you have money, or maybe you enjoy doing some of these things, so if that’s the case, this is the wrong scenario. But okay, I’ve had to put a roof on my house a couple of months ago. I could do it. I mean, I’ve got the skills. I’ve built a lot of things. I just didn’t want to waste a week of my time. I knew that keeping that one week of my time was worth way more, was more valuable than the cost that it cost me in dollars to have somebody put a roof on my house, even though maybe they charged me more than it should have. I’d have paid double because I’ll never time back.

You spend your time working for an hourly rate, spend your time doing things like this, you’ve got to remember your time is more valuable than your money. Make fast decisions. Don’t do things that you don’t want to do. Get to a position where you have more money to work with so you can do these kind of things because sometimes, yes, starting out you have more time than money. So, you have to work on that. We’re giving you that vehicle. Rank Daddy is that vehicle. We will show you … The system works. You just have to get to the point where you can prospect, and that’s all in there. We show you multiple ways to prospect. We’ll stick you in an accountability group for free. No cost to you. We’re paying it. We have all the resources. We will teach you how to land clients a thousand bucks at a time. People who are glad to pay you because what you do when you plug them into Rank Daddy is literally give them more customers than they’ve ever dreamed of.

If you’ve got a business, then they don’t have to worry about having to find customers, what is that worth to a business? It’s worth a lot. This is why they gladly fork out a thousand bucks a month because it continues to work. Six months in, they’re like, “How can we expand this? Can we start reaching these other outside areas or maybe we … We started doing this other service. We can do it also. Can we get this stuff ranked, so that we can start capitalizing on that too? Yeah, we’ll pay more. Double it. We know what you’re doing is working.” Money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is. These businesses agree that $1000 is worth a 10x, 20x, 30x ROI on their money.

If I’ve got a roofer and he’s paying me 1000 bucks a month and he’s in a 100000 population area, I’ve only got to get him one or two extra deals that he didn’t have before, and he’s already way in the profit. Some of these roofing deals are $10000, $20000, $30000 jobs and they’re only paying me $1000 a month to simply affect their rankings in a positive way. What we have here is powerful. It’s powerful. When we’re able to help businesses like that, don’t think that $1000 a month, there’s nobody in your area because you live in a 50000 population city isn’t gonna want to fork that over, because they will gladly do it once you get them to realize the concept of what’s gonna happen to their ROI and their customer account, just for allowing you to take control of their SEO campaign. And don’t think that you’re stuck in a 50000 population city. You’re only limited by the borders of Google. So, you may live in a small city, but you can Google Atlanta roofers or Plano, Texas roofers or whatever the niche is.

Some great posts in the group about niche lists and what businesses to go after. So, we teach you all that. We literally don’t have anything that hasn’t been covered yet. We’ve done this for a few years now. We’ve been able to teach thousands of students. There’s almost 300 that are regular and actually attacking this daily, and it’s fun to get in the group now and watch all these deals being landed daily. $700, $1000 a month, $2000 a month, and so on and so forth.

That’s what I got for today, guys. Money isn’t real, it’s what we agree it is. Make your time worth more than your money. In order to do that, you have to make more of it. Let Rank Daddy be the vehicle to help you do that. Thanks for watching. Hop on the podcast. We’re on every channel you could imagine, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, whatever. Subscribe so you don’t miss any of these, okay? See you guys later.

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