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Everyone likes to be paid every month!!!   For doing something once!   Let’s go!

Top Reasons to Promote:

– $500 Commission on each RankDaddy Elite Membership

– 30% Commissions on all Upsells, and One time offers.

– Crazy High Conversion – We convert well over 60% of all calls booked

– Massive retargeting campaign with FB Ads and email – we follow up for you.

– You get em to land on one of your affiliate landing pages, and we do the rest!

– The Program Actually Works! Testimonials Here & Here

– Low Affiliate Competition since it’s not a launch. Email when you want, as often as you want.


Webinar Conversion Rates

10%-20% from warm lists

7%-12% from cold traffic

Price Points

After watching the 1 hr webinar, viewer is encouraged to book a call to Game Plan what it would look like if we were to help the start an Agency. 

 – Lifetime Membership: $5800 – $500 Commission

 – $299 Agency Website  – $90 Commission 

 – $1000 One On One Coaching w/Brandon ($300 Commission) 


Q n A

“What’s the Webinar About?”

We take webinar viewers on a live journey, How we build a 5 Figure Online Agency, right before their eyes.

We show them how to start a Digital Marketing / Seo Agency from scratch…

Ultra part time.

From anywhere.

They will learn how to land $1000/mo clients like clockwork…

Using None of their own $

On this webinar, I introduce them to the RankDaddy Training Platform and the undeniable proof that it’s easier than they think. In fact, they don’t even need to do the actual SEO work, because we show them how and where to outsource all the work via reputable outsource agencies, dedicated to RankDaddy members, (the public can’t use these) This is where they can have every step of the Seo Campaign done for them.

It’s this outsourcing step that enables them to scale like crazy.

This could easily be the most profitable thing they have ever done!  Agencies are HOT Right Now!

“Do People Get Results”

Absolutely! New Members regularly scale to $10k per month in client billing in 3-4 mos.

Most members land at least one deal in their first 30 days, and many in their first 7-10 days.


We pay by Paypal on the 5th of every month.  If someone Joins in January, you’re Paid In February by the 5th – That Simple


“Where do I send people?

When you join as an affiliate, your links are in your affiliate dashboard.

You can track all your affiliate activity in your Main Dashboard, the one you see when you login here: https://rankdaddyseo.clickfunnels.com/affiliate


TIPS for hiding your affiliate link…

Don’t like that ugly affiliate link? Wanna send people without them knowing you’re an affiliate? Try this. Others are doing it and killing it!  Use email, hide the link in a different anchor text like “click here” or “check it out


Buy a Domain like  RankDaddyReview – StartAnSeoAgency – MakeBankOnline – or whatever..

Then forward that domain to your affiliate link.  Now, you just give out your new domain url.

Boom people join, you get Paid! I’ve used this method for years, posted my url in facebook groups that do not allow affiliate links.  Because it doesn’t look like an affiliate link, nobody knows.

Like these… I bought these domains. cost me $2 because i used a Godaddy coupon. Then, within my Godaddy dashboard, use domain forwarding to redirect the traffic to my affiliate  link to these sites.



The ides is, to get people to click the link.  Make Sense…



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