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Hey guys, Brandon Olson here. Got another episode of Rank Daddy TV. Welcome. In today’s episode, we’re gonna learn how to start an SEO agency in under 30 days for just a dollar. I’m going to show you how to do this the absolute fastest way. We’re going to trim the fat. We’re going to only do the things necessary. And within 30 days you will land at least one thousand dollar a month client. You ready? Let’s go.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us working only part-time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say that guarantees are impossible?

That’s the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Brandon Olson. And welcome to Rank Daddy.

All right guys, here we go. I am excited. We have got a ton of new members coming into Rank Daddy. So I thought we really need something to get new members started off the right way. So while this is literally going to benefit everyone, this is especially for those new to starting a digital marketing or SEO agency. There’s so many people that come into this business and right away rather than learning to prospect or learning to land new clients, rather than taking the time to go through the steps to learn how to rank a website, they get distracted. They get distracted trying to set up their new business. And what do I mean by that? They think that making a logo and printing business cards and t-shirts, putting their name on pins and things like that, setting up a website for the new agency, they think all that’s more important.

Not that any of this stuff is bad, mind you, but let me ask you this, which part of that actually makes you money? None of it. All that stuff is just to generate awareness of your business. It doesn’t produce any income for you. Now, this might come as a shock, but believe it or not, to land your first client, you don’t need an agency website. A website is not a selling mechanism, in as much as it is an awareness mechanism, right? So for now, all you need is a Facebook business page and a Facebook Instagram, I’m sorry, business Instagram account, and that’s all you need. They’re both free. You can print business cards, shirts, and whatever other gear you want, once you’ve landed a few deals and you’ve got a monthly recurring income coming in. Okay? So there’s actually people in Rank Daddy that have landed multiple clients and they still don’t have an agency website. So that’s that.

You know what else you don’t need? You don’t need thousands of dollars to spend on Facebook ads. Yes, we live in this pay to play society, but there’s literally tons of opportunity in prospecting without spending a dime. And we show you how to do it in Rank Daddy.

Now a lot of new people think, “Man, it’s going to be incredibly hard to land clients because I don’t have any case studies.” Right? “I don’t have any proof of results. I don’t have any proof of how I’ve helped other clients.” Well, guess what? Everybody starts with no results, yet there’s hundreds of agencies earning six to seven figures a year. How? There’s a lot of ways. Some people will choose to start by offering massive discounts for the first month just to get new clients in. And then these clients, once you run them through the process, become your first case studies. You can negotiate the price at any time. There’s no contract with what you’re doing when you offer your services to a local business. So you can always scale up. You can always increase the fee, but the first thing you need to do is to bring value, right?

Now, here’s the exciting part and this is what I’m talking about, helping you to start your business fast, get on a fast track, land clients within 30 days. Rank Daddy members are able to leverage results of other Rank Daddy members successes and case stories. We’re all on the same team. We’re all partners in the same industry. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to land a client if you, maybe you have them on the fence and you could show them proof. You can show them, “Look. Look what we did for this client. When this business decided to give us a try, they weren’t ranked anywhere. Three months later, they’re in the top three, organically and in maps. Here’s the proof.”

You see what I did there? Look what we did for this client. When they decided to give us a try. See Rank Daddy members can use the word we and us because we’re all one team. Yes, we’re all running our own individual digital marketing agencies, but we’re using the same exact proven Rank Daddy process to rank our clients’ websites on demand, so we’ve got proof. Lots of it. Case study after case study. You should see our Facebook group blowing up. Deal after deal landed. Top ranking achieved after top ranking. We’ve got a ton of proof of success. In fact, in module ten, there’s a link to a doc with so much proof that there’s absolutely no denying our skills. That includes you. You’re among us, okay, when you join.

Say you got to prospect on the fence, maybe he’s been burned before by an SEO company or something. He’s afraid to pull the trigger with you. Show him this doc. Show him all the clients we’ve helped blow up their business, and it’s over. It’s game over. It makes it so easy to land clients.

Guys, you take this, I mean this is exciting. You take this with all the sample closes that are in episode four. The no contract close, the just try it close, the money back guaranteed close, the discounted or the half price close, the hundred dollars for two weeks close, and there is absolutely no reason that a prospect can tell you no, if they’re serious about wanting more customers. So, if you’re new, if you’re struggling with landing deals, if you want to scale your business further, use the success leveraged doc. This will help you land more deals fast.

If you’re not in Rank Daddy and you want to be, I told you you can start for a dollar for the first 30 days. RankDaddy.com is where you start. There’s a link to join us for a dollar for the first 30 days. After that, it’s 199 bucks a month membership fee. Cancel whenever you want, no questions. The idea is for me to help you land a client within your first 30 days. This way you never have to pay your membership fee using your own money. A dollar. That’s it.

So let me take you by the hand. Let me show you how to start and grow a digital marketing business that you can literally run from your smartphone from anywhere in just a few hours a week. I’ll show you how we’re able to scale new digital agencies to hit five to ten thousand dollars a month in just the first couple of months. And for most people, that’s life changing. For those who want to go further, I’ll even show you how to scale to twenty, thirty thousand dollars a month in six to nine months. It’s all rinse and repeat.

So come on in. All the questions will be answered inside. Spend a dollar. Get out of whatever rut you’re in. Come join us and give it a try. RankDaddy.com. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for joining me. I’m really humbled that you’re even here. You can access all my stuff, links to everything at BrandonOlson.com. Subscribe right here on YouTube so you don’t miss any of these and that’s it guys. Have an insane day. See you next time.

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