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Hey, guys. Brandon Olson here. Rank Daddy TV. I’m on the run, but today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about how to start an SEO agency from scratch, even if you’re a total newbie, never done any kind of online marketing, never done any kind of SEO, what can Rank Daddy do for you? Let’s go.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working on part-time, and running our entire business from our laptop or smart phone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients, when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say, “That guarantees are impossible?” That’s the question, in this podcast, we’ll give you the answers. My name’s Brandon Olson and welcome to Rank Daddy.

So I get this question a lot about Rank Daddy. What if I’m totally new to SEO, and I don’t know anything, how much realistically time and these $200 a month payments is going to take me to where I can get to the point where I’m breaking even, or I’m making a profit, or I can quit my day job, whatever? So the answer, obviously, is going to vary based on how much effort you’re putting into it.

But I can tell you this, probably 90% or more of all Rank Daddy members who have ever even joined do not know SEO. They’re starting from scratch, so that’s what Rank Daddy is intended. It’s intended for the brand new person who wants to figure out a way how to make money online, start an SEO agency from home, from their laptop in their spare time, whatever, from zero. Okay. I’m taking you by the hand step-by-step, showing you what to do.

Now the guy who knows SEO, he really only thinks he knows SEO because if he knew SEO, he’d already have an agency and be successful, he wouldn’t be joining. A lot of people think they know what they know, but there’s maybe there’s missing pieces in their puzzle. They’re missing parts of the process that are integral, that are critical to bringing a site to the to of Google incredibly fast.

Rank Daddy is the shortcut where that’s concerned, there’s not a faster way on the plant that I’ve seen, and I’ve done this for years now, that will take a site whether brand new, or established, somebody else has already done SEO on it, it’s an old HTML site, whatever. It’s broken, it needs to be fixed, take them from wherever they are existing and bring them to the top of Google in record time, as far as SEO goes.

You ask many SEO people, they’re like, “SEO is a slow game, it takes time. We’ve got to implement things here and there. We got to get back links.” I’m telling you, it’s wrong. We’ve proven it over and over again. We’ve got thousands of people now, and thousands of members who have used these techniques to land millions of dollars in revenue, to help clients generate probably at this point tens of millions of dollars in revenue. The model’s proven, okay. That’s not even a question on the table.

So for a new person, you kind of have the advantage over the guy who knows SEO because now he’s fighting with himself along the process with these things that he thinks he knows to be right in the SEO world, he’s got to retrain himself. Yes, he’s got the advantage. He knows the terminology, but how long is it going to take you to learn terminology? You’re going to pick that stuff up going through the videos. If you don’t know a word, Google it. You get free unlimited Google searches with this program, right.

So this is made for newbies, this is made for people who want to get in, start an online business, and in their spare time, while they’re still working a regular job, and really, really wanting out, wanting time, freedom, wanting financial freedom, this is the only way I know, man. And it’s fast, so hop in. Personal message me on Facebook if you have any questions, but most of them, I mean most, 90% of them turns out are going to be in the rankdaddy.com/blog one of the episodes.

So look at those episodes, scroll through the titles, watch a few videos. Shoot me some messages, ask me questions, I’ll help you however I can. It’s what I do, all right. We make successes out of people who want to start their own agency. Rankdaddy.com/success, that’s a link to a page with a bunch of actual posts coming from our secret members group, members who are posting on a daily basis the successes they’re seeing, the deals they’re landing, the sites they’re ranking, things like that. So check all that stuff out, guys. We will see you next time. Have a good one.


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