How to Handle SEO Client Objections – Ep.21 – RankDaddy TV

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Brandon Olson here, today on Rank Daddy TV. We’re going to talk about handling SEO objections. So a lot of times when we’re out prospecting, we’re out trying to land deals for our SEO agency, we come across certain objections we may not know how to handle them. Recently we did a poll in the group, in the members group, the private group, as well as in the public Rank Daddy group asking for what objections you guys regularly come across. And we’re making this video to answer each one, to kind of let you know how to handle them and move on and ask for the sale. So let’s get started.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working only part-time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients, when the mainstream Internet Marketing Gurus say the guarantees are impossible? That’s the question. And this podcast will give you the answer. My name is Brandon Olson and welcome to Rank Daddy.

All right, so today’s episode is going to be handled right here. I’ve got these all built up as slides. Go through each one of these. I’m going to show you how to handle the objection, what to say, and then kind of how to move them on to the next step, which is to push them to say, yes. I’m going to be referring a lot to the five points, the five tips that I gave in episode four. It’s a great episode. I would recommend go back and watch that. It talks about the different clauses, the different ways we can entice them to say, yes, and agree to at least try our SEO campaign. So let’s get into it.

Objection one $1,000 a month is way too much to pay for SEO. So when they bring a price to me, that’s kind of a buying signal, right? So $1,000 a month is the average for the billing of all of our members and all of their clients. So we use this because that’s the common price. That’s what we usually go to, you’re starting 2000 bucks a month for SEO campaign. When they’re bringing up money, it means they’re interested, but maybe they don’t, you haven’t shown them how or why it’s worth $1,000 a month. So if you’re watching this and you’re not in Rank Daddy, these objections are going to be handled in a way that lends to the training and the things and the tools that we give you inside Rank Daddy. So when someone says 1000 bucks a month is way too much to pay for SEO, I ask them if they know how much they’re doing now? Do you know what your monthly revenue is right now? Yes. They obviously do.

So if I were to bring you an extra $10,000 a month in revenue would you still say that $1,000 a month is too much to pay for SEO? They’re going to say, no, obviously. That’s the fact. When someone’s paying us $1,000 a month, it’s because within a few months we’re bringing them five, six, 10, even 20, $30,000 a month in some cases of revenue that they didn’t have before. They know where they’re at today. They know how much revenue they’re averaging on a monthly basis. When they let us start, yes, they’re going to be putting of that $1,000 a month from their pocket, right? From their budget. As we go through the campaign they’re hitting page one within a month or two in most cases. Their phone’s going to start ringing more. They’re going to start getting more deals, more sales, more clients, whatever. That SEO bill is now being offset by customers that were bringing them, okay?

So you have to get them to realize that there is a temporary thing in the beginning. And we’ll talk about discounting and things like that and some other objections, but you have to get them to realize that if someone has given you $10,000 a month, when do you stop paying them $1,000 a month? You don’t. You say, “Hey, can I give you $2,000 a month and maybe you bring me 20,000 in new revenue?” Can we expand to these other areas? Can we add more services because we also do this and this? You get them to think of what’s actually going to happen based on case studies and history of this Rank Daddy model in all of our students.

So next one. We don’t advertise, the ROI has never been good. I understand that. There’s a lot of advertising that is a losing battle. I mean, I still see billboards, I see print ads, I see flyers come in the mail, all kinds of advertisement can be a losing battle. The Google ad words, you can spend money and spend money on Google ad words and still not make as much in return as you’re paying on clicks. Within SEO it’s different because when you’re looking for something online, what’s the first thing you do? You pick up your phone or you go to your computer and you Google it. Who do you pick to go with? Who do you pick to do business with? What do you decide, those decisions are made on the first page of Google, the first half page of Google, the first few results. That’s where the business is. 90% of all searches are going to select one of the top three to five spots to do business with.

This is why SEO absolutely brings an ROI every time because we sit down, we figure out what your keywords are, what city you’re in, what niche you’re in, what business you’re in and that’s your main keyword. We make it so that when people are searching that keyword looking for your business model, they find you. So there’s no way around SEO not producing a positive ROI. So give this a try, and let me show you what I can do, okay? So there I’m throwing it back into that, give it a try. I mean, I use that a lot. I throw this phrase, try around a lot because in the prospect’s mind, the word try doesn’t have any commitment with it, right?

So let’s go to the next one. We have no marketing budget. That’s perfect. Let us get you some marketing budget. See, right now, we’re asking for $1,000 a month for SEO. I understand you may not have that to begin with and let’s do this. I don’t mind starting you at half price. I’ll start you at $500 a month just so that I can start. We can get some of your keywords to page one, we can get some income rolling in from these new customers that we’re bringing you in the form of your rankings and let that money be your marketing budget. So we never like to charge customers more than we’re not already bringing them 10 times over in the form of new customers, okay? So if you’re paying me $1,000 a month, that’s because I’m bringing you $10,000 a month or more in new revenue. We’ve seen the power of Google. We know what happens when a business goes from page two even and beyond to page one, the revenue doubles.

Now when they get above the fold, when they get in the first top three to five positions, it can triple. I’ve seen businesses, income and revenue triple going from the bottom of page one to the second position. You will have marketing budget once we start. So the point is I know that this works. It’s what I do. Let me help you to get a marketing budget in place. Let me let you start at half price and then you watch to see what we can do. Give this a try. Try it for 45 days and let me show you what I can do. So there’s that half price, the discounted clause that we’ve talked about in episode four, kind of combined with the triad.

How would you deal with having two of your clients ranking for the same or similar keyword phrases? Who would get preference in being ranked higher? So, that’s a good objection. And we get that every once in a while because they’re worried about us taking on multiple clients. Say this is a roofer. He doesn’t want me to take on him as a roofing client and work on his SEO and at the same time another roofer comes and hires me to do the same thing. The fact is we don’t. It’s exclusivity. We will take on one roofer in this city. We will take on one plumber in this city. You get all of the attention, you get all of our SEO efforts for your campaign. Again, this type of objection and really most objections are just a request for more information. They’re not saying no in so much as they’re saying, okay, what happens in this scenario? And objection is what you want. You’ve got to get through so many of these objections before they’re calm and they realize, okay, this is not going to hurt. This is probably going to help. I’m willing to try it.

Most businesses are willing to try anything that they have a chance of getting more revenue, especially if they’re only going to have to put out 500 bucks for the first month or something like that. It takes too long to see SEO results. So, that’s a good point too. We see this a lot come up from time to time because there’s so many SEO companies and SEO agencies that do not know what they’re doing. Day in and day out, we take over and clients too in the Rank Daddy group, they’ll post about it taking over SEO for a client who’s done SEO or have an SEO guy or company work on their site for the last two years. We opened it up and their on page isn’t even done. If their on page isn’t done, their site is not communicating with Google. Google doesn’t even know what they want to rank for or what their site’s about. So yes, it’s going to take a long time to see SEO results, if you don’t know what you’re doing. The fact is we know what we’re doing. We can make Google see what clearly what your site is about, which is what you want to rank for, what your services that you offer and results happen fast. And I’m talking within 30 to 45 days, you see ranking increases. So give this a try, and let me show you what I can do.

My brother-in-law does SEO. This one’s kind of funny. So if your brother-in-law’s doing SEO, how’s it going? Because I’m looking at your rankings right now, it looks like you’re like on page three. How long’s has he been doing it? So let’s do this. Let your brother continue to do SEO, hire us, let us really blow up your rankings and give him the credit. Don’t even tell them that you hired us or if he makes you mad, let him go and we’ll keep doing the work. Either way, it’s a win win. Your brother-in-law thinks he’s doing something good for you, we’re actually providing results. In fact, we’ve got a money back guarantee. If you don’t see a massive increase in rank within the first 60 days, we’ll give you all your money back. Why don’t you give this a try, and let me show you what we can do.

So there’s another one, the money back guarantee clause. You can try to weave these and these five things that I brought up an episode four. Pick your back up, use multiple when you’re handling those objections. The point is to handle the objection, move on ask for the sale, ask for the deal. Not really ask for the sale because that sounds like pressure, right? Ask them to try it. When they’re trying something, there’s no pressure. You go to the restaurant and the waiter says, “Hey, try the halibut.” You’re not suddenly pressured you want to leave that place. You’re thinking, “Hey, I might try the halibut actually.”

So let’s move to the next one. I fired my last SEO guy because I couldn’t tell if he was staying busy. This is a good one because one, he’s already got an SEO guy. He fired him. So he’s used to paying money for SEO, so it’s a buying signal. He couldn’t tell if he was staying busy and here’s what I’d say, so with SEO, yes, once we do your on page and the visible things that you can see and create all your citations, we run a press release for you. There’s a lot of things that we do in the background that you can’t see that we’re doing or how busy we are. The fact is once we get you ranked and your site is crawling up the top of page one, it’s doing it with sites that we own that already have a massive degree of trust and power in Google. And it’s not that we’re staying busy so much as these sites that we own that are linking to your sites are doing the work. They’re sitting there doing work even when we go home and our office is closed. So for us, it’s not a matter of staying busy so much as a matter of showing you the results.

So here’s what we do at an SEO campaign. We’re going to pull all your keywords. We’ll start with the four or five most competitive short keywords there are, right? New Braunfels roofing, New Braunfels roof repair, things like that. Short, nothing, long tail, no sentences. We want the most competitive ones. We’re going to pull a ranking report, show you where you’re ranked for those things right now. And in 30 days we’re going to pull another one. You’re going to see a massive improvement. In 60 days we’re going to send you another one. So at the end of each month before you get your bill, right around the same time, you’re going to see your rankings report and you’re going to see the results of us being busy. So it’s not a matter of time spent on the campaign. It’s a matter of we’re bringing you the results. If you’re paying us $1,000 a month, it’s because we’re going to be bringing you an extra 10 grand a month or so in extra work and extra revenue that you don’t have right now. Makes sense? Let’s give it a try.

I can hire someone off Craigslist to do what you do. That’s a good point. There are people on Craigslist that sell SEO services, but you kind of get what you pay for. So what I would say is when you hire someone on Craigslist, so you’re not really seeing or knowing that they’re going to do or you don’t know if they can do what they’re saying, there’s no proof. I can show you case study after case study of sites that we’ve ranked and the results of now. This is what we do. We will absolutely blow your business up with new customers. And usually at that point, I’ll tell them a story maybe of a client that I’ve had, the experience they had, how they went and this is a real case study from $200,000 a summer to almost a million dollars a summer. And so I’ll go into stories like that and if you want to see the story episode, I think it’s episode six where I go into details on that. Stories really help you to handle objections and kind of eliminate objections too. So this one’s kind of silly. I probably would just blow it off.

I have a marketing background I can do this myself. Awesome. How’s that going for you? I see you’re ranked at, you’re on page three or you’re not existing. So have you started this yet? When I was in business and I had a retail store, I didn’t really want to do all the marketing and all the stuff myself. I just wanted to run my business. And if you’re like most business owners, that’s what they want to do, is run their business. Let us handle your SEO. This is what we do. We help customers day in day out, to get more customers by propelling them to the top of Google. So there’s not a contract. You can literally just stop whenever you want. There’s money back guarantee. If you don’t see a massive increase in rank when the first 60 days, we’ll give you all your money back. All I want you to do is try this for 45 days so we can see, so you can see what we can do.

Do you have any referrals? We have referrals, but put yourself in this scenario. Once you’re in, you’re with us, we’ve gotten gone along for months. Your customer count is increasing, your busier and busier, do you want all the people that are trying to think about coming to us as a client to be calling you every day, asking how your SEO campaign is going? We feel that most of our clients don’t want that to happen. So we kind of keep that private. We have referrals, we have case studies that we can show you of proof. But the fact is because we don’t have a contract and because we offer money back guarantee, and because I can start off at half price just to prove to you that we know what we’re talking about, you shouldn’t need any kind of other people to talk to. What if I gave you fake referrals? How would you know? So, that’s the thing. You really have to just get out there and if you’re serious about wanting new customers, just start, just try this. Let me show you what I can do.

Thanks, but we’re getting better results with word of mouth which is free. So this one, either they have too much business or they’re just kind of brush you off. You kind of have to dig and see, get to a real objection. Getting better results than what? They have no idea what better results are compared to, what word of mouth compares to. Now, if they just operate on word of mouth and that’s all they need and they’ve got plenty of business, they don’t need any more, great. Let’s just move to the next person. But usually this is just trying to brush you off. So you’ve got to kind of get past that and get to a real objection.

How can you guarantee I’ll be on page one, only Google decides who is on page one. Google does decide who’s on page one. They put people on page one, websites on page one because they’re trusted. Google will not rank you high if they don’t trust your website. So we know what websites get ranked on Google. It’s the ones who are trusted the most. Our entire SEO campaign is geared to bring a maximum amount of trust to your website. We start off with making sure Google knows what your site’s about. If they don’t know what your site’s about because your titles and your on page things are confusing Google, then they don’t even know what to rank you for. So, that’s going to be fixed first. That’s the communication. Then we started a process of building trust to your site so that Google trusts it. Immediately when Google starts having these trust signals, your rankings begin to climb and claw past your competitors.

First thing we do is run a press release. We’ll have a professional writing team, creating an article about your business, and then we’ll distribute that to 500 different TV, radio, news, media type websites. All of these already have a ton of trust with Google. Each one of them will be linking back to your website. What’s that do? It passes the trust right to your website. We follow that up with a social campaign to kind of create a viral scenario off of those 500 new press releases. So all this media is talking about you. Now, naturally what follows is people are sharing and commenting and posting and retweeting and things like that on social platforms. So we run that and that kind of generates more trust back to your site because all these things have triggers and links back to your site.

Each day we have links that are being built that point back to your site. See this shows Google that it’s consistent. Shows them that it’s diverse because these are links that, some of them don’t have much power, some of them don’t have much trust, some of them do, some of them are no follow links, some are do follow links. So there’s a big variety. Google loves that, but it all ends to the trust. The same time we’re fixing and creating 350 directory listings for you across the Internet. When Google sees 350 different spots that mention your businesses name, address and phone number. And it’s all exact, the spelling of your address, your address spelling in your business and everything is exactly synced across 350 different networks and directory listings across the Internet, that is massive. So we manually go in and have those built sending a huge trust signal.

Here’s what happens after 30 days, you compare your original ranking from where we start to the 30 day mark and you’ll see why we know what we’re doing because you’ll have a massive increase. In fact, if you don’t see a massive increase in the first 60 days of using our service, we give you all your money back. So yeah, Google decides who’s on page one, but we know what factors they’re looking at to determine who is on page one. So give this a try, to show you what I can do.

How do I track how many new leads you’re getting me? How do you know you’re getting me the new business? That’s a good question. So do you know how much you’re doing on a monthly basis right now for revenue? Yes. So we don’t have to count the leads that come to your site because we’re doing the SEO on your site. We’re not creating a fake site and having traffic go to it and then they come to you so that we can track each person. We track your rankings. Most people know that the power of Google is insane. And then, if you’re getting businesses ranked at the top or even the top few spaces for new Braunfels roofing, you’re going to get a crap load of new business, right? So if you know how much business you’re doing now and then 30 days from now, you’re doing more than that by 25% or something and then 60 days you’re doing another half, you can see that your business is growing. And it has to be attributed to what we’re doing because we’re going to also show you your baseline ranking where you started and you’re going to show your rankings increase as we move along through the campaign. So all of this is directly related to Google and where you’re listed on Google and your presence. So that’s how you know.

What about Google’s algorithm? It’s so consistently changing that’s why it’s so hard to rank. Like you’ve been talking to some SEO people. So, yeah, Google’s algorithm is changing, but you know what doesn’t change about Google’s algorithm, their interest in the end user. If Google’s algorithms always are interested in the end user, then that’s the only thing we have to worry about. Everything we do in the SEO campaign is to bring trust and to be in it for the end user. We make sure your content on your site is good for the end user. Everything we do is for the end user when it comes to the SEO campaign. Then I’ll go through and talk about the press release maybe, the directory listings and the different things in the SEO campaign and what’s involved in that. So it doesn’t matter how many new algorithm updates come about, as long as you’re doing things in a natural way and that are beneficial for the end user, Google will love your site and rewards you with higher rankings.

I lost $10,000 to SEO. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. We will stop you way before you get that deep into it. So for real though, you’re not paying us $10,000 a month, so it’s not going to be possible for you to lose that. You’re going to pay $1,000 a month and it’s going to be a month deal, there’s no contract. So you can stop whenever you want. At any point, if you felt like you’re losing money you can stop. In fact, if you don’t see a massive increase in rank within the first 60 days, we will give you all your money back. This is what we do for a living. We rank sites at the top of Google and prove those presence online, so that they have more customers, more clients, bigger ROI, et cetera. So just try this, give me 45 days and let me show you what I can do.

I want to talk to other clients of yours because I’ve been burned. So, that kind of goes back to the referral thing. We don’t like to let all of our new prospects that are thinking about it start calling all of our clients because then our clients will be upset, because they’re bothered all the time by all these people, and then they wouldn’t be clients anymore. So let’s do this. This is $1,000 a month scenario, right? And aggressive SEO campaign in a city this size in your niche runs about a $1,000 a month. I don’t mind doing it for half. I’ll start you at half price at 500 bucks a month, just so that I can show you, we know what we’re talking about, we know what we’re doing, you can see results. After 30 days you’re going to see rankings increase, after 60 days you’ll see another rankings increase and continue to climb and continue to climb.

When we get a few keywords on page one and we’ll sit down, we’ll talk about, okay, well pick your most competitive keywords. When I get three of those to page one and you’re actually getting new business from our efforts and you can use their money, the client, your new customers money to offset the SEO bill. Then we’ll talk about going to $1,000 a month, but not until you’re making it, not until you’re in the profit, okay? And if they say, no, to that and they’re still on the fence, but they’re kind of interested, lock them in like this. This is a program that we have called the Deal Lander. Literally for $100 in 30 days, you can show them that you know what you’re doing. So you tell him, “Look, give me 30 days and 100 bucks and one keyword, your main keyword, new Braunfels roofing. I’ll take that keyword, I’ll show you where you’re ranked right now using a third party software. 30 days after we’re going to pull that report again and show you where you’re ranked now for that same keyword. If I can show you that, I can massively increase the rank of that one keyword within 30 days, do you agree to start? Give me your SEO campaign at 500 bucks a month.”

Still no contract, still money back guarantee. I just want you to try this. So this kind of pulls them out, right? This sees if they’re really serious or not because what business is not going to give you $100 in a month, if there’s a chance that they can triple their revenue, it’s just not going to happen. Now, what do you do with that 100 bucks? You go into our dashboard, you go into the outsource area and you buy the Deal Lander. The Deal Lander will fix their own page SEO based on that one keyword you get. It will pay for your press release and it’ll pay for your social signals. So you’ll have a landslide of trust signals coming within 30 days back to that client based on that keywords and that keyword will launch, from wherever it’s at.

You may hit page one in the month, it may hit two page two from page eight or nine or 10 or not existent, but just doing that in 30 days for 100 bucks for that client, that proves to them now that you know what you’re doing. You’re going to do what you say and this is the cost scenarios that we set up. We have so many tools like this, we’re losing money on this Deal Lander. It costs more for us to do the press release, the on page, the man hours, the social signals, but we want to give this to you to be able to help you land more deals. Use it as a last resort. Make sure you’ve already gone through the no contract clause the money back guarantee. You’ve told them to try it for 45 days. You’ve gone through the half price. This is like the last resort, but this will land deals where we call the Deal Lander.

Do I need to pay the monthly fee after you get me to page one? So this is like something that not really, a lot of the SEO guys are thinking this question because they’re thinking about their pay, their money, the fee. I’ve had probably two clients ask me this and the last four years and 60 or 80 clients, but what do you say if it does come up? The answer is yes. Why? It goes back to that. Well, when do you stop paying the guy who’s bringing you $10,000 a month in business and you’re only paying a thousand? When do you turn that faucet off? You don’t. You literally just lay it out to them like that and they say, no, I’m not going to stop paying you a thousand if you in fact are bringing me an extra $10,000 in business. You’re probably going to say, “Hey, can I give you 2000.” Right?

So we get into control and other areas in the group in the training and showing you why you can offer this no contract money back guarantee and yet expect them to stay. It’s because we’re in control. The links that you point to their site that we show you how to create and obtain in the group and the training or what keep you in control they’re what guarantees your paycheck, because if it all comes down to it and you’ve got a guy ranked at the top and he does want to stop, which I’ve had before, people have close up business. They give to somebody else. The other guy doesn’t want to, whatever. They get too busy. You get to turn that off. So it’s almost like you got to be in the training to understand this, but we’re in control.

We tried SEO, but it doesn’t work. We use Trusted Trader for leads. So Trusted Trader is probably like a HomeAdvisor where they’ll sell you the leads. I don’t know about Trusted trader, but it’s probably the same as HomeAdvisor because HomeAdvisor is selling the same lead to five businesses. And if you don’t call them first and have the most aggressive sales pitch and probably the cheapest deal, you’re not going to get the deal. But you just wasted 75 to 150 bucks on that lead that they sold to five other businesses. So you probably tried SEO, but whoever was doing your SEO is probably trying to figure out SEO themselves. We know how to do SEO. We do this day in, day out. We’ve watched businesses have to add to their fleet to hire more staff to expand to other areas because the customer volume was insane blowing them up. We have forced businesses to raise their prices because they had too many customers in scenarios where they couldn’t add to their fleet or expand or grow their office size. So what do you do when you have too many customers in that scenario? You chop off the ones who are paying the least or not willing to pay that bottom price.

So we’ve had customers literally have to raise their prices by 25% and still were the busiest they’ve ever been, increased their revenue, cut off the customers who didn’t want to pay the higher fee. And those are the ones that cause the biggest headaches. The people who pay the least bringing all the coupons and things, usually those are the ones with the most headaches. So this is what happens in real life with our SEO. We give you problems like having too many customers. So sometimes at this point I’ll drop back to another clause and say, look, before we even go any further, are you in a position to expand?

Like if we get you to the point with our SEO campaign, I’ve got to bring this up because it happens, if we get to the point where you have too many customers, are you in a position to hire more fleet? I mean, obviously at that point when there’s more money coming in, but can you expand? Can you add to your staff? Can you raise prices if you have to? Is this something you’re willing to do? Because if not, it may not be a good fit after all. And then they start back peddling and they’re like, “Yeah, no, it’s fine. I mean, we can raise prices. We can hire more people.” “Great. Let’s get started. I will send you an invoice and a fill out this information here and we’ll get going. Literally, that’s it.”

I had SEO done before, it was a waste of money. And this goes back to, I haven’t found an SEO guy or company on the planet that knows what they’re doing. It’s sad and it’s crazy. And in other words these people are learning in SEO, but they’re not even using an actual logic. When you open up a website that had an SEO done to it for years, and it’s not even communicated with Google because the titles are wrong and the heading tags are wrong and they’re not even telling Google what the page is about. It’s like getting a book and the book is about butter and eggs and the first title in the chapter says, how to make Margaritas. That’s so confusing. I thought this book was about butter and eggs. That’s what we look at.

When we come across these websites that people said, I had SEO done before and it was a waste of money nothing happened, here’s why. None of this stuff they need for the last two years did anything because your website doesn’t show Google what your site’s about. How’s Google going to know where to rank if they don’t know what you’re about. Are you about Margaritas or are you about butter and eggs? It’s not clear, so we’re not going to rank you anywhere. You figure it out and come back to us when you know what you’re doing. Basically is what Google says.

Next, I’d rather support local digital marketing agencies. Hey, that’s awesome, because we are local. We actually build and scale local businesses with our SEO. I don’t have to be right next to you in your same city to be able to apply the techniques that we use an SEO to crank you to the top of Google and blow up your business and give you more customers than you ever had. So try this. Do me a favor and try this for 45 days and let me show you what I’m capable of. There’s no contract. I’m not going to make you sign anything. I’m telling you the price. I’m telling you what’s going to happen. I’ll even give you your money back guarantee, if you don’t see a massive increase in rank in the first 60 days I’ll give you all your money back. Let’s go.

I’m swamped with business as it is, thank you anyway. So this was probably the one that you can’t overcome. I mean, you’re doing SEO to get people more business, if they don’t want more business, and it happens. I’m in new Braunfels, which is the second fastest growing city in America, that’s under 500,000 population. We’re about 100,000 population and we’re growing like crazy, if we had four more people moved in, we would have been the fastest growing. I cannot give away a website that I own on roofing to these roofing companies. It’s ranked at the top of page one. I get leads all the time, come in into the tracking number. This is an all lead generation site that I built. I cannot give the site away because they don’t need the business. It’s the craziest thing in the world, but they’re building and fixing roofs so fast because of the market. So you’re going to have businesses that come up like this and it’s not fake. Some businesses are actually swamped with business as it is. So there’s nothing you can do. Just go to the next.

HomeAdvisor is doing just fine for us. And HomeAdvisor is that one that I was telling you about earlier where they’ll sell you a roofing lead, but they’re also going to sell it to five other businesses. So you better call them first and you better make sure your offers better and cheaper and you can get there faster. Otherwise you just lost your 75 to $150 or whatever it is. And that’s about what it is for roofing. Maybe more. It could be 200 bucks by now. I don’t know.

I’m already spending my budget on radio, newspaper inserts. Now, when I get done a laughing, no. Tweak some of that budget, right? Divert 500 over and over to here. Let me show you what SEO will do. You will soon stop paying for radio, stop paying for overpriced radio newspaper inserts, and you’ll have more customers than you can handle. You will have to raise your prices or expand to other areas or higher more fleet or bring on more staff or whatever it is, because that’s what happens when people start with us and let us do their SEO.

Thanks. But I’m already on page one. That’s awesome. What are you on page one for? I’m asking this because I already know the question. I’ve already googled and done the research before I started talking to this person any further and yeah, they’re on page one for this long old keyword or maybe only one keyword, but for the majority of the keywords there on page two, three, four, whatever, because they need an SEO campaign. So how much business are you getting being on page one now for this one keyword? You know how much volume you’re doing monthly? How much ROI? How much revenue you do on a monthly basis? Okay, great. Are you in a position to grow that? Are you in a position to, or do you want more customers? Yes. Okay, great. Here’s what we do. We’re going to start you with no contract money back guarantee SEO campaign. We’re going to pull your keywords. We’re going to start on the first four to six major core competitive keywords and bring massive amount of trust to your site, so the ranking starts going through the roof. And within a few months you’re going to see, yeah, you’re on page one, but you’re on page one for multiple keywords and you’re going to see the difference. It’s not just about being on page one for one keyword because not every customer is searching that one keyword. Give this a try.

I’ve been offered SEO more times than I care to remember. Everyone claims her an SEO expert and I think they’re all scammers. What makes you different? Oh, that one. I think we’ve covered through the different points in the previous objections. I’m still only getting a couple of calls here and there, if I start getting a lot more clients I can afford to pay more. So this sounds like maybe somebody who’s just started, I’m not sure how this objection would be someone who hasn’t really started at all because I can afford to pay more. So, that’s great. This is your mid campaign, we just started. We don’t want you to pay more right now, we want to put you in the boat where you’re using money, that we’re bringing you in the form of new customers because of your rankings to pay us. And I’ll say this and again, because I love this clause, I never liked to have our customers pay more than, we’re not already bringing them 10 times over in the form of new customers due to their Google rankings. I don’t want you to use your money to pay your SEO bill in other words. Let me bring you customers use their money to offset your SEO bill and still have excess revenue. That’s our goal for every customer.

How much is this going to cost? Cost is a funny word. How much would it cost you if I gave you $10,000 a month and you gave me a thousand? And they’re going to look puzzled for a minute, and you’re going to say that’s the situation. That’s what we do for businesses. 10x ROI is normally an average. So if a guy’s paying me $1,000 a month for SEO, it’s because I’m soon enough bringing him an extra $10,000 a month revenue that he didn’t have before. So, that’s all the ones we’ve got. If you got more, stick them in the comments to this youtube video, I will reply to them, if they’re legit and they’re not just jokes. If they’re jokes, I’ll probably would apply to them also. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. So you don’t miss any these podcast episodes. If you’re doing this on audio, which a lot of you are on iTunes, Google play, Spotify, SoundCloud, we’re all over the place, rankdaddy.com.

Get in the training for a dollar. I will give you a 30 day all access, everything’s included, full transparency. You can see and try everything for a month before you even decide if it’s for you. In fact, I will show you how to land clients and guarantee that you land clients, if you do our 30/30 challenge. You’ll see what that is when you get in the group, but basically if you go through the program within 45 days, if you have not landed one client, I will refund your first 199 membership fee because its 199 a month. But the same thing applies. I don’t want you to pay me with your money. I want you to pay me with the money that comes from the clients that I help you land. Makes sense? All right guys, appreciate your time. Thanks for listening. This has been a long one. Thanks for sticking with me. We will see you on the flip side.

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