How to Get Your First SEO Client

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So total work time was like five minutes. He called the next afternoon. He started with $1000 a month SEO deal the next day, and I’m like, “Wow. This business is going to be fun.” This was my very first client. Don’t make it harder than it is. Take action. Worry about getting better later. That comes with experience. Seriously, just get out of your own head. Keep it simple. There’s no need for perfection while you’re prospecting, just be you. They don’t care. You’re going to stand out because you’re being you and you’re not like every other SEO guy on the planet who’s inundating them saying, “Hey, we can guarantee you the first three spots of Google or page one of Google or whatever.” They’re not buying all that bull crap. They’re just deleting it. They’re buying you, not your service. They’re buying you. So when you’re you, when you care about them, it stands out and it’s obvious.

Deals all over the place like this, and this is what we teach you inside the Rank Daddy training methods like this that allow you to stand out and be different from every other competitor, SEO agency on the planet who is just beating these people up trying to convince them they know what they’re doing and they really don’t. So let’s watch this video, then we’ll pick it apart when it’s done.

Hey, my name’s Brandon. I just saw your truck over at Academy. Nice, nice truck. I’d like to work with you. I own SEO Three Web Consulting. Sorry, I’m just walking around Lowe’s right now. I saw your truck next door at Academy. I did a quick search. I do search engine stuff. You’re not ranking anywhere in the top 100 for San Antonio garage door installation and some other key terms that you could probably pick up a crap load of business on. I can fix that and fast. Like results within 30 days. You’ll see massive results in the ranking increase, and I can literally triple your income in 90 days. I swear. I do it all the time. I just did one this week. Took three weeks. I got a guy for New York vending machine service to first page of Google in three weeks. So you’re going to be a lot easier. San Antonio is a smaller city obviously. Anyway, let me know. I’ll put my contact information in this. Thanks.

What do you think? Could you do something like that? I mean, that was so simple, right? It took less than five minutes. I saw his truck parking. As I’m walking up, I’m doing the Googling. I grab a cart, and I start shooting him a video. In less than five minutes, I sent the prospecting email off. That afternoon he called or emailed, and the next morning we met and he gave me $1000 check and we started his monthly $1000 a month garage door SEO campaign.

So first deal that I think first deal I ever landed like this for certain with this style you can tell. I mean, that wasn’t the best screen cast or screen video prospecting that I have ever done. But I went on to do dozens and dozens like this where I stand out and I land deals using this method. And we teach you all this in Rank Daddy. We teach you how to stand out, how to be different, and how to just be yourself and land deals for your SEO agency.

So was it unprofessional? I don’t think so. I mean, was it different? Yeah. Different than all the other SEO companies than me. I don’t know any other company doing this or any other type of agency that is doing SEO that is not stuffy and saying, “Hey, we’re certified in Google, and we’ve got all these awards, and we specialize in dominating the market for you.” I mean, these people are buying you. You stand out, you’re different, and you show them you care and you want to help them at their business, they’re listening. They’ve got their wallets open. They are willing to try anything, especially with some of the guarantees and other deals that we teach you how to formulate and offer them.

So that’s it. I mean, that’s the very first deal that I ever landed for my SEO agency was in a style like this, and now we teach it to others. So if you want to learn more, come on in, RankDaddy.com, grab the trial for $1. Watch the rest of these YouTube videos. There’s tons and tons of free training, all these podcasts episodes. Catch us on Spotify, Apple TV, iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, whatever. I mean, we’re all over the place. And this is my cohost Pico, and until next time, you guys have an insane day. Thanks for watching.

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