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Hey guys, Brandon here, another episode of RankDaddy TV, today we’re going to talk about immersion and immersing yourself in this business for success so let’s go.

So here’s the question, how can marketers like us, working only part time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients, when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say the guarantees are impossible, that’s the question and this Podcast will give you the answers, my name’s Brandon Olson and welcome to Rank Daddy.

All right so what is immersion? Immersion is diving all in, it’s not dabbling. You know, a lot of you guys are coming into this thing, you’re new, you may go through the course once, you may poke around in the Facebook groups, but you’re not immersing yourself in it, you’re not taking it seriously enough and maybe because you don’t realize that the possibilities are there, you don’t realize how fast you can get to these income gains, there’s students in this group that, within three or four months, are at $15 to $20,000 dollars a month in client billing. But they have immersed their selves in it. They haven’t just gone through and dabbled and looked at the training once and then think that, “Okay, now it’s time to go get clients,” if you’re not landing clients, you haven’t immersed yourself. You haven’t gone through the RankDaddy TV videos, the prospecting videos over and over, you haven’t poked around in the Facebook group and asked questions, “How are you guys landing clients.”

You see a student in there, maybe they say, “Hey, I just landed a client,” ask them, “How did you do it, what’d you do?” Feed off that stuff, immerse yourself in everything possible about prospecting. There’s other Facebook groups that you can go look for prospecting and other sales type of tips because this is really what it all comes down to, the process works, Rank Daddy will work flat out on any site you plug into it. So your job is, now, to become an expert at prospecting, landing clients so you can just plug them into the system. Because that’s the easy part, that’s the part that takes literally minutes to an hour, a week or whatever. Immerse yourself, go through each and every training video that has to do with prospecting multiple times. Find the ones that appeal to you, a lot people have a different style of prospecting, some people like to do cold-calls, some people like to go out and talk to people door to door.

Mine is Screencast but I’ll do my due diligence first. I’ll find businesses that I already know are in position to handle a Google ranking and can afford, at least to start out at $500, $1000 bucks a month and then I know that when I scale them, I get them business, they’re not going to have a problem with me coming back and saying, “Okay, this is costing money, let’s scale this, let’s get you even more business.” Roofing companies, landscapers, dentists, the list goes on. Look in the academy group, search for niche list and you’ll see the poll that we did and it ranks them in order because the people who have selected, “Yeah, we have a roofer as a client,” it comes up first. So you’re going to see, by that, what clients are the easiest to land and it’s also the easiest to scale.

So find something that works for you and then kind of go outside that, find other things that maybe you’re not comfortable with, you have got to get outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. But you have to immerse yourself in order to make your stories, make your pitches, make your emails, your Screencast videos sound like you absolutely know what you’re talking about when you go to make a presentation or a reply to someone who says, “Yeah, I’m interested, what’s this all about?” You know how to take them through and educate them bit by bit, “First of all, let’s look at your site, okay your H1 tags are wrong, your Meta Title is not showing your keywords, you’re kind of confusing Google.” So with each little reply you give them, you’re not only educating them but you’re poking holes in their website, you’re planting seeds of doubt, we like to call it, about what they already have going on which isn’t working.

They may not, for one, know how to do a Google search, strip off into incognito mode and find out where they’re really ranked, they have searched their sites so many times that they think they’re already on page one because Google is giving them an inaccurate reading. Take them into SERP Track, show them a rank tracking report where they’re really ranked. But you don’t have to do it all at once, so when you’re prospecting somebody, give them a little bit each time, I mean five minutes, maybe less. These business owners are busy, they may look at your email, they may forget it, and then they’re going to move on but if you’re literally, every single day, following up, whether they’re opening or not, they need to see that you care.

Not only that you care but you’re educated enough because you’re sharing with them a little bit each time, “Look what I found, your citations, they’re kind of mixed up, they’re all over the place, we need to sync those up and get trust to your site.” Go through again, look at maybe their content, it’s really thin on the homepage, Google wants to see what your site is about. Your keyword’s not in your homepage, just so many, different little things that you can use to followup email, after email or however you’re using to contact these people to chip away, plant seeds of doubt in their website but also to let them know that you’re educated enough in this business, in this industry, to fix their problem. And then, you may go through a lot of that and you can’t think of anything else, Google their keyword, New Braunfels Landscaping, see who’s at the number one spot, I guarantee you he knows.

And then tell him, use it personally, “Hey, aren’t you tired of X Y Z landscaping taking all the new clients? Let me have at this, give me 30 to 45 days and let me show you what I’m capable of.” It’s a guarantee, it’s a money back guarantee, you got nothing to lose. If you don’t see a massive increase in rankings in 60 days, I’ll give you all the money back. But just try this, there’s no contracts anyway. So piece by piece, but immerse yourself in the trainings, immerse yourself to the point that this just flows out of your mouth every time someone comes up with an objection. That’s another thing, look in the Rank Daddy group and search the word objections. There’s a massive list of objections that people have come back with and these are the things that we’re hearing, what do we say when this happens? And we’ve got the rebuttals there. So use the group, stay active in the group, ask questions in the group, read through the group, use the search feature, search prospecting, see all the things people have written about prospecting.

This business is easy guys, do not make it hard, if new students, that have absolutely no SEO background, can come in here and scale to $20,000 dollars a month in four months, why can’t we do it, why can’t we all do it? It’s not hard, the process works, you’ve just got to get out of your comfort zone to be able to get out there and land clients and if you’re having trouble, get help. The help is in the group, there’s hundreds of people out here that are already doing it, lean on them, use the trainings, use every episode of the RankDaddy TV videos. If you can’t watch them? Listen to them on iTunes, we’re on Spotify, we’re on multiple Podcast stations, Google Play, YouTube, you can just let the thing play, but immerse yourself.

That’s all we got for today guys, we’ll see you next time.

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