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All right, here we go. So went to my mailbox today, been waiting for this package for a while and here it is, I got one on. It’s the Rank Daddy 10k club shirt, these are super comfortable, they’re the Grant Cardone bella 3001 canvas. So this is the material shirt that he uses on all his. They’re super comfortable and we got them in all sizes so if you have reached 10k a month, reach out to us in the group or send us a PM or an email and tell us your size, your address, we’ll ship one to you for free, it’s just part of being in the club.

So Rank Daddy 10k club, if you don’t know, is for those who have reached $10,000 dollars a month in recurring SEO and digital marketing billing. So that’s well over $100,000 dollars a year and this here’s a club, we came up with a club, the idea just to get kind of get people excited, people are hitting this early on I mean like within 90 days of coming into Rank Daddy, they’re able to start from scratch, an SEO digital marketing company, land clients, plug them into this system.

And several people already have hit this 10k club in a very short period of time. So Rank Daddy is set up so simply that literally, all you have to do, if you don’t even want to do any of the work, land a client, and we’ll show you how to do that. We got hours and hours of prospecting and there’s more prospecting and client landing training that’s about to hit. You’re going to love this part. Once you get a client, you literally just plug them into each step of the process and the process is designed so that things look natural to Google in the process of the SEO campaign. So you land a client, step one, outsource it. Step two, outsource it, step three, outsource it. All six steps, in the order that it’s laid out, you literally, I mean the first three steps take you 10 minutes or less and that’s the whole first months worth of work. You’re done.

The average billing is $1,000 dollars a month, we did a poll about a month ago in the group to ask students, “What are you billing, what are you billing for your SEO clients?” The number one answer out of all of our students was $1,000 dollars a month. The number two answer, $750 a month, the number three answer, $1,500 a month. And we’ve got some $3,500 dollars a month, some $4,000 dollar a month, several $2,000 dollar a month clients. But the average, so okay, the average is about $1,000 dollars a month. Out of that, you’re spending two to $300 dollars a month on outsourcing everything. Worst case scenario, if you want us to completely handle everything, we’ll do it all for 50% a month.

It’s your client, you do the billing, we’ll white label everything for you, kind of work in the background, you take all the credit, we do all the work and that’s worst case scenario. So you’re landing clients and taking half and doing zero of the work other than sending an invoice to that client each month. So there’s a few people doing that but most of you, most of our students are just outsourcing every step, following the process along the way. Now some of them will like to do maybe the on page SEO, they like to tweak around with that so they’ll do that part so they don’t have to outsource it. Some people will like to write content so they’ll do that part of it. Whatever parts you like to do, great, do them. If you don’t like to do any of the parts, you don’t have to. We show you how to do each step, and at the end, we show you where to outsource it to the most reliable source to get the fastest most consistent quality results for your entire SEO campaign.

So literally, you can have dozens and dozens of clients and spend only four, five hours a month overseeing everything. Now tell me how you cannot scale and be able to work from anywhere in the world in that kind of scenario? I run everything on my SEO business from my smartphone. And this is what we teach in the group. So forget the laptop lifestyle, a lot of people want that laptop lifestyle, right? They want to be able to take the laptop, go to the beach, work from wherever. I was like forget the laptop, why not do everything from your smartphone? Now you’ve got a business in your pocket and that’s what Rank Daddy is, we teach you how to do everything on an outsource basis so that you can literally travel and get your life back, be with your friends, family, do whatever, in just a few short minutes a day or a few short hours in a month, from your smartphone, be able to run the entire business and scale it tor five figures, multiple five figures. The 10k club, that’s just the first step guys. That’s just to get you going.

Once you hit 10k, it’s downhill from there. You, At that point, know how to duplicate the entire system over and over and over and continue to put prospects and clients into your pipeline to continue to grow your business. It doesn’t get any easier. Rank Daddy is the shortcut, it’s the most simple, easiest to follow, fastest to scale, digital marketing platform training academy available. There’s nothing else like it. If you’re not in it and you’re watching this on Rankdaddy.tv or one of our podcast channels, iTunes, maybe you’re listening in, go to Rankdaddy.tv, all the links are there, there’s a free trial link, you can get two weeks of free trial to Rank Daddy Academy, you can look at student testimonials. You can see what pro is about because there’s two different courses, you can take the academy, which you can get in for free and literally have the entire course unlocked and all of the trainings and the Facebook mentor group for free for two weeks, so you can just see what it’s about. Or if you’re ready to completely scale, go straight to pro man, this is where the stuff is happening.

This is where people are taking it to the next level. Academy will get you there, pro is faster, pro is faster. There’s no guesswork. So, that’s all we got for today man. Get your shirt, come on with us, get in the 10k club, join for free and start getting your life back, this is Brandon Olson signing off. Rank Daddy TV, catch us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, a bunch of Podcast channels, I don’t even remember them all, there’s so many. But Rankdaddy.tv is the main website where all those little free training videos are and we’ll see you on the inside. Have a good one.

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