Ep 7 – Dont Geek Out on the Tech Stuff (unless you like it)

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Hey guys. Brandon Olson here. Rank Daddy TV. Yeah, I’m going through the carwash. Today we’re going to talk about geeking out. On all this technical stuff that is involved in SEO, and why you don’t need to do it.

Wow, this is a cool music video anyway. There’s a lot of technical stuff we teach, but you really don’t have to do it. I hate doing it. That’s why I outsource everything. We’re going to talk about that once I get some more light. Let’s go.

So here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working only part-time, and running our entire business from our laptop, or smartphone. How are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients. When the mainstream internet marketing gurus say that, “Guarantees are impossible.” That’s the question. And this podcast will give you the answers.
My name’s Brandon Olson, and welcome to Rank Daddy.

Alright, I made it out of there. Look guys, there is a lot of technical stuff that can really overwhelm you when you get into an SEO campaign, digital marketing campaign for a client. I mean there’s a lot. You know WordPress. The coding. The on page little tweaks, and speed page performance. You could really just geek out on this stuff.

To the point where you want to stop. You get sick of it. Content writing. There’s just so many things. For me I hate, mostly all of it. Yeah I like when it works. I like when I do something and I make a tweak, and I see the visible results. At that moment I like it, but I’m not going to keep doing it. I don’t want to land the client, and then have to go do all the on page stuff myself. Make sure everything’s perfectly lined up, so Google can see what that page is about, and what we want it to rank for.

I’m not going to build web 2.0 sites on my own. I’m not going to do all these little things that are just simple steps in the process of Rank Daddy that we’ve laid out and when worked in the order that it’s laid out you can literally rank sites on demand. Don’t think that you’ve got to do, or even know how to do all this stuff. Because here’s how simple it can be. You literally land a client. Have a guy do your on page. Have a guy do your web 2.0. Have a guy do your citations. Have a guy do your press release. All of that might take you 20 minutes if you take your time.

Have a system. Have an onboarding page on your website, or somewhere that you can Google Form something. When you get a client say, “Okay. Fill this out. This is the information I need to get started.” And you can look at mine if you want. It’s seothree.com/new. I send that to the client and I said, “Fill out as much of this as you can.” If it comes back and it’s missing some stuff that I need later I just email them, or text them or whatever. Facebook message them.

But with that information just copy and paste all the stuff that the on page guy needs. Copy and paste the stuff that the press release needs. Copy and paste the stuff that the citation guy needs. I mean it literally, for the first few steps takes you minutes. That’s a whole month worth of work is done. And you can sit back and 25, 28 days later run that rankings report again.

You’ve already got the base line ranking obviously. You’ve shown the client, “Here’s where you rank now before we start.” Send them that. But just before the new invoice is due, the first month is over run another one and you’re going to see massive increases on rankings. On multiple keywords. Works every time.

How much time did it take you? 20 minutes. This is how simple Rank Daddy is designed. This is what I wanted to accomplish when I created this system for myself. I wanted a number ten guy, in each position that could perfectly execute each step in my process, that was going to be able to rank that site without me doing any of the work. That’s why I created Rank Daddy.

It just developed into what it is today. You get to the point where you land so many clients, and you were able to rank them consistently on demand, and you give this process away for free, and thousands of people are able to do the same thing. Now I’m in a position where I can teach you, and coach you, and mentor you on how to do the exact same thing whether you like to do certain parts of this. Some guys like to do the on page, and they just want to geek out and do that, and set it up perfectly.

Some people like to write content. It’s up to you. Pick and choose what you want to geek out on, because you like it. Not because you have to. Rank Daddy is set up, you can literally outsource everything. You don’t even have to land deals if you don’t want. Go hire a salesmen. Get on Indeed.com, or some of these other job recruiting sites for a commission only salesmen. Cost you nothing. They got to land the sale before you pay them.

Give them 30% commission recurring forever as long as that client is paying. You know how many salesmen out there, that absolutely love to do that? They’re so good, and they love what they’re doing that they have no problems working three months, and just landing a massive amount of deals, and then going on vacation for three months. Doing absolutely nothing. Yet they still get paid based off other work.

That’s what real commission salesmen like. If you don’t want to do the process of even the prospect landing. Client landing. Have somebody else do it. Have them help you build your business while all you do is, when they land that sale teach them to send this intake form. Teach them to send the invoice if you want, or you can do that. Doesn’t matter. Do the parts that you like to do. And that you don’t have a problem doing.

And then step one goes here, step two goes here, and so on, and watch the results come in. We just had a client, I posted in the group. It’s a dentist. Family dentist, cosmetic dentist and within a month, every single keyword and these are competitive keywords, in an area outside of Houston, they all hit page one. Some of them ranking three, five, seven, but within 30 days they’re all on page one. With the Rank Daddy process. It works.

If you’re not in it, and you’re seeing this on YouTube, or RankDaddy.TV. Get a free trial. It’s two weeks for free. You can get in, see the whole system, see why it works. See why we do the steps in order. Because it’s natural, it’s a flow for Google. Everything we do at SEO has to look natural, and not gamed. This is why Rank Daddy works.

Rankdaddyhq.com, and get a free two week trial. It also will let you into the Facebook group, once you’re in click in there to request to join the group. We’ll put you in the group. We’ll see that you’re just … Entered your two week trial. And try it for free for two weeks. You got nothing to lose. Get in the group and see, how many people just like you, just started and are killing it. In the first month before their first $97 payment is even due. Okay? The stuff works.

And if you don’t want to do absolutely anything but land clients, use our white label service. We’ll do all of it for you with rankdaddy.com/whitelabel. We’re on iTunes. We’re on Google Play. We’re on Spotify, and a bunch of other channels. Go to rankdaddy.tv to see all the episodes or catch them all on your YouTube channel. It’s just audio versions on all the other platforms. Subscribe, like us, follow us on iTunes. And give us a review. Tell us how we’re doing. That’s about all I got.

Geek out only if you like doing it. If you don’t like doing it, all the steps are there. Outsource everything. I mean this is why I go to the beach all the time, on cruises all the time. I’m not spending more than two hours a month, on my SEO business. I’ve got dozens, and dozens of clients. It’s all a process that’s overseen, and we teach it all in the training. That’s it guys. Have a good one, and we will see you next time. Have an insane day.

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