Ep 6 – Use Story Telling to Land Deals With Ease

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Hey guys, Brandon Olson here. Another episode of Rank Daddy TV. Today, we’re gonna talk about storytelling and using stories, weaving them through your prospecting so that when it comes time at the end to ask for the sale, they’ve already committed. They’re asking you how to pay. So, I’m gonna show you one example of a story I use that’s worked wonders in my business, especially in my local area here to local business in the city that I live in. So, I’m gonna share that with you, and how you can use stories in your prospecting too. So, let’s go.

All right guys, so today we’re gonna talk about telling stories and using stories in your prospecting to help you land clients. Telling stories and using details and being able to put the customer’s mind, or allow the customer to imagine being placed in your story makes it so much easier. It’s like when you get to the close, he’s ready to already pay you. He’s asking you how to pay, how do we start. So, there’s no stress, no pressures, there’s no awkwardness when it comes to ask for the sale.

So, here’s an example, and this is a story that I use time in, time out because it works so well because it’s a great success story. And it starts with a guy who owns a company in my city. It’s a tubing company. So, my city is really busy in the summer with tourism and things like that. The number one waterpark in the world is situated here. It’s called Schlitterbahn, and there’s two rivers that run directly through the city. One of them’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest navigable river in the world.

So, people come, they’ll go to a river outfitter, rent a tube, and float down the river for a few hours, enjoying you know maybe drinks or beer with friends and family, just having a good time on the water. It gets hot in Texas in the summer. 100 degrees for days on end, so it’s very popular. Literally hundreds of thousands of people will come to these rivers during the summer.

So, this guy builds a business, a tubing business, and he’s nowhere near the water. All the river outfitters are sitting on the water or they’re a block from the water because that’s where people are coming. They’re coming to the river, then they’re gonna find an outfitter someplace to rent their tube and plop in the river, float down. When you get to the end, they haul you back up in the shuttle bus back to where you parked.

So, this guy … there’s no land anymore around the river, the river’s edge or anywhere near it. So, he sets up shop 15 blocks from the entrance to the river, and about eight blocks from the end of the river, and this is the Komal. So the Komal is entirely contained in the city limits of New Braunfels. Comes out of springs, so it’s crystal clear spring water. 72 degrees all year long, and at the end of the river it flows into the Guadalupe River. So it completely ends. The whole river takes about three hours to float the whole thing, front to back. It’s less than two miles. It’s a very short river, but it’s so clear, you can see to the bottom even where it’s the deepest. You know, about eight, 10, 12 feet.

So, anyway, he sets up shop nowhere near the water. The other outfitters are like, “You’re crazy. This isn’t gonna work.” He starts renting. And so, he’s kind of in a standstill for a couple of years. He gets to page three because he has a website built, and doesn’t really know how to propel that thing forward because, one, there’s a lot of competition. There’s so much money involved in this industry, it’s a high profit margin. Literally, the outfitters are making half million dollars a summer easy, and that’s just renting the same tubes over and over and over again. So, you can imagine the profit level.

So, he’s wondering how he can get to the top of Google because he knows that’s where the money are. He’s searched New Braunfels Tubes and Komal River Tubing and New Braunfels Tubing, so he sees the top guys there. It’s always the same few companies, and the city’s website. Things that have been established for like 20 years, so he’s gotta figure out a way to break into that. So he hires an SEO company. They get going, and that’s us by the way. We get him to the page one within months.

So, now he’s got an entirely new set of problems. Here he is, tubing season has already started, and he has too many customers. And this is one of the problems we face with businesses as we start their SEO campaign, or once we get into it actually, they have too many customers. They have to figure out now, okay can we expand? Can we hire more staff? Can we grow our fleet? You know, add more trucks or whatever? What do we have to do to keep up with this influx of customers because being at the top of Google is an entirely new set of issues to deal with as a business owner.

It’s a good issue. I mean it’s a good problem to have, right? Too many customers? So, what did he do? He can’t go buy more buses to move more people because what’s happening is when he opens the doors, there’s 200 people waiting to pay and check in, you know, in the morning when he gets there. He opens, the people keep coming, and then there’s three hour wait in his back parking lot for people to wait in the Texas 100 degrees to get on a bus to be brought to the top of the river. But people keep coming because that’s the power of Google. They Google, there he is, he comes and you know, they show up.

So, he’s like okay, I’m gonna cut off all of my coupons, right? If I’m gonna cut people … if I have too many customers, I want to cut off the ones who I’m making the least amount of money on, right? Coupons. Then he cuts off his Groupon. Groupon, kind of a no-brainer because they take and sell the things for half off, and then they pay you half. So you’re getting 25 cents on the dollar. So easy. Cut that Groupon off. Now you’ve shaved that customer base off. There’s still so many customers, but it’s manageable. You can’t go and buy more buses because the city has an ordinance that says all buses must be registered before May 1st. Here it is, end of May. Summer’s about to really start cranking because June doubles the customers that May has. July doubles the customers that June has. It’s about to get really busy.

So, he’s frantic and he just decides okay, we’re just gonna raise the prices because there’s too many customers. 25% more expensive than any other outfit renting tubes, and still is able to stay busier than everybody else. He makes more money than ever, and deals with less customers. And I don’t know if you’ve dealt with this before in your business but the people who pay the least normally complain the most. It’s the craziest thing. A guy can come in and drop two hundred bucks on his family to go tubing, and they have the greatest time ever. Their tube could pop. But they had a blast. The other guy that’s done the Groupon maybe, and there’s a lot more complainers. It’s the strangest thing at a lower price point. They feel entitled. I don’t know.

But, so, that’s what he does. He raises prices. He’s the most expensive outfitter on the entire river and he’s nowhere near the water … he’s 15 blocks, remember, from the entrance. There’s still hundreds of people waiting when he shows up. There’s still couple hours wait. It gets busier on holidays but that’s expected, it’s kinda manageable. So, we have to go through this scenario as we approach a new business owner, and say, “Are you in a position to be able to expand as we get you to the top of Google? Can you buy more fleet? Can you hire more staff? Are you in the position to, if you have too much, will you be willing to raise prices? Whatever it takes, in other words, to deal with this massive influx of customers?” Normally they say yes.

So, that’s the story, right? This story … and by the way, this tubing business owner, that was me. That was my real life scenario that I went through. I learned SEO in the off-season so I could propel my tubing business to the top of Google, and be able to compete and get more business like the rest of the guys. Still the other companies had no idea what was going on. They thought they could just build websites and people would come. New outfitters would come in once they saw me doing it, and they weren’t as successful. Our drivers would get to the entrance of the river and some of the other drivers were like, “What are you guys doing over there?” Because we’re just lapping them … bus after bus after bus dropping off completely full maxed out passengers. And one of the little old lady drivers says, “We’re just doing business.”

So, she’s not gonna tell them, right, how we’re doing it, and we weren’t about to spill the beans either because then everybody would catch on. But we’ve learned a lot since then. So, that was kind of our first case scenario as an SEO business. I have now, couple years back, two and a half years, sold the tubing business to focus only on SEO. We’ve learned so much and we’ve been able to help so many businesses the same way that we propelled Komal Tubes forward. We have forced landscaping companies to buy more fleet and hire more staff and dentists to expand and hire more hygienists. We’ve made limo drivers expand into other outlying area cities and buy more fleet because of the customer count, they couldn’t keep up with once they realized going from page three or page two to the top of page one is literally double or tripling your income and your revenue.

So, that’s an example of a story I use. Use stories in your business like that to create in your prospect’s mind realism, and the reality of what’s gonna happen when you take over their SEO campaign. This isn’t a joke. This absolutely works. The process of Rank Daddy that we set up … all you’ve gotta do is land the clients, and this is why we’re doing so many of these little prospecting videos and prospecting tips because once you’ve got the clients, you literally plug them into Rank Daddy, and those few steps will do all the work ranking. That’s already been proven. That’s not a question that’s on the table anymore. So now it’s about teaching and getting guys help with landing more clients. So that’s really what we wanna focus on.

But try to get to a point where you’re using stories, say those stories over and over to yourself, repeat them so that when you’re in front of a customer or on the phone or shooting a screen cast video or even an email, the words come out so that that customer is picturing what’s about to happen to their business if they give you a chance. And now, by this time, they’re saying, “How can we start?” And here’s what I do-

Sorry about that. Had a little coughing spell there. So, I will ask that question to business owners as a prospect. “Are you able to either hire more fleet, hire more staff or buy more fleet or raise your prices or whatever it takes to deal with those massive amount of customers as they come in when we get you there?” Because a lot of times, business owners are too small, they can’t handle any of that. They’re not in the position to scale so it’s not really a good fit for us to even start an SEO process. So, what do you think? Can you do that when we get to that point? And they’re like, “Yeah, we can do that.” Most of the time.

I mean, some of them will be honest. Some will say, “No, we’re not gonna be able to grow like that. There’s two of us here. I got no room to grow.” So, that’s when you know. But most of the times they’re gonna say, “Yes, we can”, and that’s when you say, “Well okay, we’ll get started tomorrow. I’ll send you an invoice and we’ll get started now.”

So, that’s it guys. Tell stories, use stories in your sales and in your prospecting. It makes it so much easier when you get to the end and do that close, and you get time to ask for the money, there’s no awkward there. They’re ready. They’ve already committed to their mind that this guy knows what he’s talking about and this stuff’s gonna work. They can already see the future. They can see the dollar signs rolling in, and themselves on the beach in Jamaica somewhere.

See you next time, guys. Thanks for watching Rank Daddy TV. And by the way, we are now on iTunes, Google Play, of course YouTube, Stitcher is coming up; SoundCloud; and a lot of other platforms. But go to RankDaddy.tv if you wanna see all the past issues, the past releases, episodes, and they’re all there. Have a good one.

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