Ep 3 – Why I Quit Job Killing & The WHOLE Lead Gen Model!

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Hey, guys. Brandon Olson here. Got another episode of RankDaddy TV today. I’m going to tell you why I quit Job Killing and the whole lead generation model altogether, and I also show you why I would have done it again if I had to do it all over, but also why I would not advise you to get into that style of digital marketing. Let’s go. Here’s the question. How can marketers like us, working only part-time and running our entire business from our laptop or smartphone, how are we able to guarantee insane results to our clients when the mainstream internet marketing gurus say that guarantees are impossible? That’s the question, and this podcast will give you the answers. My name’s Brandon Olson, and welcome to RankDaddy. All right, guys. Today, I’m going to talk to you about why I quit lead generation and the Job Killing model altogether. I take you on a little journey through my experience with Job Killing.

I’m doing this because a lot of people, especially here, recently are asking me why I don’t do it anymore, why I stopped. It’s a great model. Now, don’t get me wrong. The people who run it are great. The people who are in it are great. I learned a lot there, and it started me on the path where I’m at today, but for me, for dozens of people who I know who’ve tried this, it is an insanely slow process to get to the money or any decent profit. The biggest problem I had with JK was not the model, the system, because like I said, it works. It’s kind of like a fixer-upper home that you buy to remodel and put all this time and money in before you’re going to rent it out. Takes so much time, and absolutely cash has to be laid out before you’re able to recoup anything. For me, it just became ridiculous.

There are so many people out there that just so badly want to learn how to make a decent living online, but most of them just are not in the position to spend thousands of dollars and wait months before any of that cash outlay comes back, so here’s what happens with lead gen. You got to buy the domains to build the sites on. You got to build those sites from scratch. Takes time. Takes money. You got to host those sites, and if you don’t know how to set all that up, you got to do research, more time. You got to buy tracking numbers, because you want to make sure that the calls that come through your site and go to your clients, you’re getting credit for, got to be tracked. More money. Monthly expense on call tracking.

You have to get a Google Map postcard. You have to have a Google position on their, in the map pack, and that’s if your postcard comes at all, because you’re setting it up on a fake address. They tell you to go out, and you got to get a post office box or a mailing center address just to get the card sent to, which in itself puts your business at future risk, because you’re setting up a fake business at a fake location. This has happened to me and a lot of other people in lead gen programs. You spend all this time and money doing this, and then a manual review gets triggered. Now you got the big fat eyes of Google looking in. They see you’re running multiple businesses, completely different niches, out of one address in a UPS store. Bye-bye, Google Map rankings. Bye-bye, leads. Bye-bye, money and time.

Let’s just say you do do that anyway. Now, you have to rank the site. You’re ranking a brand new site. Takes time and more expense. Now, in the meanwhile, while that’s waiting for the ranking to happen, you should go out and buy pay-per-click ads, because that’ll get some leads coming in while the site’s being ranked. More money, more funds going out the door. Now, let’s fast-forward. Months down the road, that’s all done. The site is ranking. You finally got leads coming in. Now you have to try to find some business in that niche to take the leads, and I did all this with nearly 20 sites. I laid out all the time and money. I got the sites ranked, and it only took a few months or so, because I set them up in my home city, population of 100,000 for the most part, and the leads started coming in.

The downside is, in a city this size you’ve only got a handful of companies in that niche that will take you, that have the possibility of taking your leads. It just limits you, so if one of them won’t take the leads, you’ve lost all of that time and effort and ranking, and everything you put into that site, but probably one of them will. Somebody out of those three or four businesses, landscapers, whatever, plumbers in that city will take your leads, but what happens if they get fed up? You’ve burnt through all the people who are willing to take your leads in that city. Maybe they just see that you set up this one site, and you’re out now making all this money off of them off of one site, and this is in their head going, they’re thinking, “Man, all he did was set up one website, and I’m having to pay him every call and email that comes through,” so they decide to stop paying, or maybe they’ll just start paying you late at first, push the limits.

Let me tell you, I’ve been through all of this. It’s a massive headache chasing money and becoming a bill collector. Well, here’s something else that happens. They realize that if they stop taking your leads, your site’s worthless. They’re going to get the leads anyway or a good portion of them, because if your site’s not doing anything, you got nobody to take your leads. The people searching are just going to search the other sites, the other competitors in the niche, so that’s the issue with a smaller city.

Now, what if you do the same technique in a larger city where … Say, San Antonio. I did some in San Antonio. It’s a million population. There’s plenty of businesses in each niche to sell the leads. Right? Well, you now think about this site, you’re in a million population. You’re trying to rank a brand new site in a population of a million. It’s going to take months. That site has zero trust with Google. It’s not established, which means you never get to the point of selling your leads unless you lay out cash for months and months and months. More wasted time, more wasted money, you’re back at negative square $5,000 or whatever you spent on that lead gen course.

Now, fortunately for me, I was able to make lemonade out of that five grand. It was totally worth it for me, because I learned a valuable lesson, but I also learned one step of that process that they taught, and I took it and built an entire SEO empire on. Want to know how I did it? Here’s how I started. I started ranking and doing SEO on the actual client’s website, the site that’s already established. They rank so much faster. It was a game-changer, because now I’m able to use the client’s money to do the work. I got no cash outlay out of my own pocket. I’ll land a client for 1,000 bucks, I use his money to do the ranking in the process of this system from day one.

Plus, I can land new clients with none of my own money. Get this, when I switched from the lead gen model to flat SEO, I scaled to having months where I hit twenty, thirty, forty thousand dollars in client billing and scaled to this point in less than a year. I was billing $10,000 a month consistently from like day 90 onward, and only about 20% of that covered all of the expenses for ranking. It was insane. I couldn’t believe that it was so easy. Oh, and get this. I never worked more than 10 hours a week. Now, I’ve got dozens of SEO clients, still working ultra part-time. Get this. It takes me today to up, to run and oversee all dozens, almost 30, 30-something SEO clients, less than two to four hours a week if I take my time.

None of these businesses are on contract. They continue to pay me month after month happily, because the results I bring them are 10 times what they’re paying me, so if I’m charging a guy 1,000 bucks a month, and that’s the low-end average, by the way, after a few months my process is bringing him an extra 10 grand in customers that he didn’t have before. He knows how much he’s making today. We start and we get going, a few months in he knows that now he’s making 10 grand a month more than that, and all he’s paying me is 1,000 a month.

Hey, let me ask you this. When is he going to stop paying me? No, you don’t stop paying somebody 1,000 bucks a month if you got an extra 10 coming in. You say, “Can I pay you more? Can I give you two grand, and maybe we expand out a few keywords or another area? We can buy more trucks and fleet and expand, because we know what you’re doing is working.” Every single client. It’s easy to land clients, because we can give a money-back guarantee to all of them. It takes away all the risk. It makes it so easy, cake, to land new clients. You want to know how to do this? You want to know how to land local clients, how to rank these websites on demand, how to scale like I did in only part-time? RankDaddy Pro, we take you by the hand and show you step-by-step exactly how to get to that point, and I mean fast.

Back to the story. Meanwhile, I’m here scaling my new SEO business. Right? I got away from lead gen. I started putting everything in a Google Doc. Okay? Notes of my process, and I started sharing this Google Doc with some of the members in Job Killing and in other lead gen courses. The Doc outlined my ranking process. Shared it with them, and here’s what happened. Everybody I shared it with had the same results. They were blown away. They started sharing it. The thing worked. It wasn’t just me. This process that I had developed worked. I had created a system where I or anybody else who plugged it in could literally rank sites on demand, and it was right about that time that the owner of the JK group kicked me out. Out of his program, out of the private Facebook group, kept my money, no refund, just out. No problem. They were just tired of me giving away the free ranking information, I think, but that’s all right. I made more lemonade.

You know what I did? I created a little site called RankDaddy. It was my step-by-step process on how to rank these sites. It was free to access. It was like six pages. “Do this, this, this, this, this when you get a new client.” I added a Facebook group for support. I just needed to know for sure that this thing worked, like without a doubt. You know what happened? 3,000 students joined in the first six months, and over 1,000 of them were from that lead gen course. Since then, with all the feedback that we were able to get from the free users, we added more to the RankDaddy course. We tweaked it. We streamlined it. We cut the fat, turned it into the easiest to follow, the fastest to the results SEO and digital marketing platform out there available today. The rankings and the client results, they come even faster.

I got two programs now. Sad to say, there’s no more free. We flat out proved that the system works, so we’ve got a basic, we’ve got an entry level. It’s called RankDaddy Academy. It’s 97 bucks a month. The whole process is there, but it’s not anything like Pro. You can get a free two-week trial to RankDaddy Academy. Everything’s unlocked, all the trainings, including the access to the private Facebook group, but Academy serves as more of a stepping stone to our cornerstone product, which is RankDaddy Pro. Some people just can’t afford Pro right off the bat. It’s higher end, and they need a way to generate some quick income so they can start their SEO business, and maybe they don’t know the language, they need to learn from scratch. That’s what Academy’s for.

When they’re ready to go Pro, they can upgrade at any point. We stop their monthly payments, and then they could really begin to scale their business like they never dreamed. RankDaddy Pro is for those who really want to dial in and scale way beyond 10 grand a month and get on the fast track to doing it, just like I did. Now, I learned the hard way. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, figuring this process out. Now, it’s cake. Students come in. They apply it. They go through the training. It’s just like ABC, following the steps.

We got payment plans to make it easier to get in, and just like we do for our own SEO clients, we take away all the risk for you joining. We have a thing called tuition insurance. Here’s how that works. If you come in on any one of our payment plans, if you’re ever unable to make the payment because you haven’t landed enough clients to cover the payment, or maybe one stops, and you’re a couple months in, and you can’t, you just can’t squeeze it, we don’t want your money. We’ll pause your payments until you’re back to the point where you’re, easily cover them. Look, I don’t have a problem with giving stuff away to help people. I gave this whole thing away for six months to 3,000 people in the beginning to make sure it worked. If I can’t help you make money with this system, I don’t want yours. This is why I set up the tuition insurance plan. Comes with every payment plan, any payment plan in Pro.

Now, in the description of this YouTube video, you’re going to see links to Academy, Pro. There’s a link to our webinar area. If you want to learn more about how RankDaddy Pro works, what’s the webinar, and check out the student testimonial videos on our YouTube channel. Subscribe too. You’ll get notified when we have new episodes of this podcast come out, so do your due diligence. Check it out. If you feel like something that could work for you, join us. That’s all I got to say. That’s it for today, guys. I appreciate your time, and hey, thanks for tuning in to RankDaddy TV. See you next time. Have an insane day.

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