Breaking Down the Client Landing Process: Key Strategies and Tactics

Client landing methods are an integral part of any successful marketing campaign in today’s tough business environment. The science of effective selling tactics or landing methods has become critical to companies as they strive to capture the attention of potential customers and drive sales.

If You are running the campaign, you have to make sure that you are presenting the solution for the client not the product of yours. this will make you stand out.

The process of landing clients can be intimidating but when broken down into micro steps, it becomes easier and efficient to carry through. In this article, we will give you main strategies and tactics that would be helpful for walking your prospects through each step of the prospecting process to closing a deal.

Micro Steps of prospective/Client landing

Goal 1: Getting Them to Open the Email

Sending emails from a personal gmail account lets prospects open your email. mail sent from a business or company email address may trigger their guard and get them to withdraw the mail. More so, using banana tags lets you know that the email has been opened. Remember, though the subject line should not be too technical or overly sales like as that could triggered potential clients.

Goal 2: Watch the Video

Make your email concise and get straight to the point, including a video link. Paragraphs about your business that are longer may be deleted immediately. Begin your video by showing their website to spark their interest and spur them into hitting play.

Goal 3: Getting Them to Reply

Your video should be concise and specific, no longer than 5 seconds in mentioning your business. After they have watched the video, this means that it is time for them to respond. If they reply, you hit the first milestone of success. But Don’t even bring up fees until they inquire.


Try using another subject line if they do not open the email. If they open and don’t answer , follow up several times, but be polite. Persistence works, and one may need up to 12 touches upon the beginning of a conversation. But once you snag the client, a $12k bump is in your grasp.

Breaking the Plane of Ordinary

In order to stand out from the competition, it is essential that you demonstrate how much you care about helping prospects improve his or her business. By taking the landing process and breaking it down into micro steps that you follow through with, will allow for a sense of trust to happen more so than simply building this lasting relationship.


To create an effective marketing campaign, you need to focus on the science of effective selling tactics. By breaking down the process into micro-steps, you can efficiently carry out the landing process. 

To make prospects open your email, ensure it is sent from a personal Gmail account, and the subject line is concise. A video link in your email will be more effective than long paragraphs about your business. Keep your video specific, mentioning your business for no longer than five seconds. 

When it’s time to reply, ensure that you keep it simple and straightforward. Don’t bring up fees until they inquire. 

Remember that the process of landing clients can be intimidating, but with diligence and commitment, it can be accomplished successfully. So, make use of these strategies and tactics, and you may be surprised to see a $12k bump in your business revenue. 

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