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Watch this!

Ignore the $200 one time referral mentioned in the video…
Turns out yall like to be paid every month for doing something once! Lets go!

Top Reasons to Promote:

– 40% Recurring Monthly Commissions Earned!  ($80 per month per referral)

– Crazy High Conversion – Watch Replay you’ll see why (RankDaddy.com/replay )

– Second Wave of Commissions with our Follow up series to those who didn’t take action the first time

– The Program Actually Works! Testimonials Here & Here

– Low Affiliate Competition since it’s not a launch. Email when you want, as often as you want.

Webinar Conversion Rates

10%-20% from warm lists

7%-12% from cold traffic

Price Point


Upsells – No

Downsells – Yes, after 7 days, they are offered a $1 trial entry for 7 days then $199/ mo (80%) stick.. meaning you Get Paid!

Q n A

“What’s the Webinar About?”

If you ever wanted to help your tribe learn how to start a Digital Marketing / Seo Agency from scratch…that enables them to work part time, literally from anywhere, from their laptops or smartphones, and learn to land $1000/mo clients like clockwork… This is it!

On this webinar, I introduce them to the RankDaddy Training Platform.  My goal is to help your tribe, start living the 4 hour work week by showing them how to start a Digital Marketing Agency from scratch. Showing them undeniable proof that it’s easier than they think. In fact, they don’t even need to do the actual SEO work, because we show them reputable outsource areas to have every step of the work done for them. Its this outsourcing step that enables them to scale like crazy. This could easily be the most profitable thing they have ever done!  Agencies are HOT Right Now!

“Do People Get Results”

Absolutely! New Members regularly scale to $10k per month in client billing in less than 6 mos.

“Whats My Commissions?”

We pay $80 per join, and continue to pay you $80 monthly as long as the referred person is a member,

The system has a 365 day cookie, so, your referred peeps can come back months later, join, and you get PAID!

We pay by Paypal – If someone Joins in January, you’re Paid In February by the 5th – That Simple

“Where do I send people?

When you join as an affiliate, you’ll be assigned a unique code like this – ?ref=62

You can put that code at the end of any public RankDaddy Page…

 – RankDaddy.com?ref=62 sends em to the home page. they join, you get credit. They enter their email, we remarket on your behalf. They join, you get Paid!

 – RankDaddy.com/webinar?ref=62 sends em to the webinar. They register, they watch, they join, you get Paid. They register, don’t watch, we remarket to them. They watch and dont join, we remarket to them… We dont let anyone who is even remotely interested, slip thru the cracks.  They join, you get Paid! 

 – RankDaddy.com/blog?ref=62 sends em to the blog area where people consume video after video of free training, and then follow one of the call to actions and join – You get Paid!

 – RankDaddy.com/WhiteLabel?ref=62 if you think they’d be interested in us doing all the SEO work.  This converts incredibly well too.  They need to be a member to use whitelabel…. soooo They join, you get Paid!

You can track all your affiliate activity in your Main RankDaddy Dashboard, the one you see when you login.

TIPS for hiding your affiliate link…

Dont like that ugly affiliate link? Wanna send people without them knowing youre an affilliate? Try this. Others are doing it and killing it!  Use email, hide the link in a different anchor text like “click here” or “check it out


Buy a Domain like  RankDaddyReview – StartAnSeoAgency – MakeBankOnline – or whatever.. use a coupon code. you can get a domain for like $2   forward that domain to your affiliate link.  Now, you just give out your new domain url.  Boom people join, you get Paid! I’ve used this method for years, posted my url in facebook groups that do not allow affiliate links.  Because it doesn’t look like an affiliate link, nobody knows.

Like these…


Click em… Check it out…

Gotcha. My affiliate code got the cookie now if you ever buy….  I get PAID.

All you need to do is get people to click the link.  Make Sence…



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